“Being a published author is a great feeling of accomplishment that says you completed what you started. Using the format designed in “Write Your Book in 30 Days” by Joy Farrington and Andrew Morrison assist you with reaching that goal in a timely, yet challenging way. However, the challenge is just what I needed to keep me focused and on task with the deadline I set for myself.” – Veronica Blakely www.VeronicaBlakely.com

“I was able to write my book, Teacher! Teacher! You Taught Me! Yes, I have collated all the data for my book and gathered data through my website from my former students from the last thirty years within 30 days! If I can do it, so can you!” – Colajean Butler, Owner and Director of CMS Learning Center

“Thank you for putting the fire back inside of me to write my book in 30 days The Spirit of Big Boned Women. I love the challenge it taught me a lot and I made some great friends along the way.”- Yolanda Zellous CEO Founder Zellyo Productions Inc. Atl

“I am forever grateful to Andrew “Get it Going” Morrison an Joy “Lit Diva” Farrington for kicking this book Your Child Can Become Wealthy out of me in record time. I always had it in me but it was Andrew, Joy and the entire Write your book in 30 days (group) that put the fire on to actually get it done. Now I am a successful author, it did wonders for my business.”- Keshelle Kerr, CEO, Creative Wealth Training Bahamas

“Thank you for helping me to bring in the CALM Andrew Morrison. I am an entrepreneur, a mother, and a wife, so you know there is no calm. After speaking with Andrew about a huge decision I had to make, he helped me find the calm in what seemed to be an absolute MESS! By experiencing the CALM I was able to think more clearly and deliver better work which in return created better results. The next time you experience anxiety, worry, and fear in your business, family life, or personal life be still, breathe deeply, and begin to think differently. A moment of CALM can create peace for a lifetime! Andrew showed me how to turn my mess into Success! ”
Shauntae Jordan, President of SMJ Speaks (http://www.smjspeaks.com/)

Andrew Morrison is a genius! Last year he stepped into every aspect of my business –sales, promotion, advertising, marketing, public relations, networking, referral marketing, and media relations with the goal of increasing my revenue. He suggested that I make a portion of my business non-profit, and then masterminded the entire process right up to its full-fledged inauguration. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by allowing Andrew to take your business to another level of success. Andrew is a blessing for your business.
– Devya, Meditation Mentor, Gong Master and President of Devya & Associates

“Andrew Morrison is an outstanding business strategist. He offered a simple idea that resulted in thousands of dollars of press and new clients. I recommend him for the entrepreneur interested in learning how to think outside the box and get results.” -Lisa Nicole Bell, Author, Media Personality, Filmmaker, CEO of Inspired Life Media Group

Working with Mr. Morrison continues to be a testimony never ending. Not only has Mr. Morrison aided me to productively assess my business strategies more effectively, but has also made it possible for my clients to get the message of my business more clearer which has set me on the paths for greater success. Thank you Mr. Morrison for your ability to assist me in accomplishing my personal and professional goals more efficiently. Your professional acumen is astounding!
Corrine CoCo Melvin – Artist/Author/Publicist for Authors – www.BookABookParty.com – www.DesignzbyCoco.com

Andrew you always keep our minds going and give so much of yourself! That is uncommon with some mentors and coaches but you are a wealth of information, inspiration, and simply fire to ignite and push your clients to go beyond trying. You are one of the best at giving practical ideas and making your clients think about why they are not doing something so simple that will gain them so much. You are a motivator to motivation!
L. Denise Jackson – Founder, Speaker, Author
The Professional Green Network

Andrew Morrison is a forward-thinker, gifted with “knowledge” that totally eliminates “the box” and promotes success!
Gloria Wadsworth, Speaking Essentials INC, www.speakingessentials.com

Andrew Morrison’s coaching was instrumental in my self-discovery and personal growth process. I enjoyed his “no nonsense” communication style which made it easy to comprehend new concepts. His motivation and encouragement kept me focused on ONE thing and has resulted to me having National TV exposure, being a best selling author, and Keynote speaker in the Mompreneur industry. Throughout the coaching relationship, he maintained strong belief in my capabilities and untapped potential. I can attest to the benefit of Andrew’s coaching expertise when facing new challenges and adopting new behaviors. He showed me how to brand myself as an expert and become a money magnet”.
Lucinda Cross, author of Corporate Mom Drop Outs

Andrew is the real deal and much more than a business coach. He should be called the Profit Coach! He has an uncanny ability to listen to your pitch, and in minutes and craft a money making idea! I have seen him do it many times and he did it for me! Within 90 days we landed our first big client — The Home Depot and our marketing company had just launched! If you are ready, you will make money. You may not be ready to hear his frank assessment of your idea, but if you are serious you will listen and get busy…I recommend Andrew to anyone who is serious about running a business.
Kim Johnson, Key Point Consulting

Andrew Morrison’s expert advice helped our company to gain so many clients that we had to secure more help to service them. His advice was to have an event at the end of the 16 week challenge. Our company actually had two events. The first was a Fun, Interactive Math Workshop for 4th -10th graders. The second was a SAT Math Boot Camp for 11th and 12th graders. Due to the generosity of sponsoring individuals and businesses most of the children attended these math events for FREE.
As a result of these two events, our client base has grown enormously and will continue to grow to infinity. Thank you Mr. Morrison!
Saundra Carter, “The Math Lady”, www.math1on1.net

Peace Andrew! I finally figured out how to do what you’ve been telling me to do for the last few years. Now I’m getting paid $10,000 for 3 days work and big sponsorships from companies like Target. Best of all, I’m able to teach my members exactly how I did it! Thanks!
-Hotep, President of www.hustleuniversity.org

Andrew Morrison is a rare visionary breed. Quite simply, he is genius. His sincerest passion is to motivate, inspire, guide and connect men and women to greatness, to their highest level of achievement. I am forever grateful to him for being the motivation, inspiration and support behind Harlem’s first Green Foods Festival. His selfless, transparent approach to coaching and mentoring opened the door to his personal and business contacts. This presented us with strategic media alliances and landed us major corporate sponsorship. He is quite simply, the BEST.
Ahijah Mitchell, Social Entrepreneur/ Green Foods Festival, Founder

Andrew Morrison is a phenomenal business strategist. He is generous with sharing brilliant business generating strategies; and, his tough no nonsense approach leads to results. If you are ready to grow your business RIGHT NOW, Andrew is your coach. If you’d rather talk than take action, don’t waste your time or his time. Working with Andrew has made a measurable difference to my company and our increase in year-end sales. He is the real deal.
– T.C Coleman, Esq. :: UpwardAction® – A Business Branding & Social Media Agency :: http://www.UpwardAction.com

Working with Andrew Morrison has been one of the best things I could’ve done for my business. Andrew continues to provide actionable steps anyone can take to grow their business and by following his lead I’ve been able to significantly increase the number of clients I have and amount of money my business makes.
Jennifer Dixon, Virtual Assistant, The Virtual Workspace- www.thevirtualworkspace.com

Andrew Morrison is not just a business coach, he is someone who is truly dedicated to helping his clients achieve their goals. He takes it personal. He listens to you and corrects you when he sees you headed down the wrong path, and he lifts your spirits when needed. God bless you Andrew and keep using that great gift that has been given to you, to help others.
Robin Walton, President & CEO Nestal Cosmetics www.nestalcosmetics.com

Andrew Morrison helped me to see that there is more than “just a party” to my business. His insight and marketing know-how is helping me to create new innovative products to gather a new client base.
Shannel The Sex CEO – Empowering, Educating, and Entertaining women – www.thesexceo.com

Andrew Morrison is about BUSINESS. Don’t approach this man unless you are SERIOUS about handling your business with mindfulness and integrity. Andrew reminds us through his words and actions that you must live well (SPIRIT, MIND AND BODY) at every level to be effective in business. Andrew is a uniquely gifted business advisor, consultant, brand manager, marketer and motivational speaker. Andrew knows how to get to the heart of every matter with deft questioning, straight talk and pragmatic solutions. Andrew inspired me to STEP UP MY GAME as a consultant. Brother, I thank you for being who you are. Our journey,our friendship and collaborations will continue. Namaste, Andrew!
Monique Fortuné, Fortuné & Associates Teaching media, public speaking, business communication strategies for personal and collective empowerment, E-mail: mfortunebiz@gmail.com

I was about to enroll into college for a business degree because I did not understand nor know how to go about marketing my company. Mr. Morrison has been like a professor who I can go to and ask a million questions until I fully comprehend daunting business terms. After following his instructions and attending his events and workshops, my Website is now more “entertaining” for my clients to view and my very first event was a success. Now I honestly feel the connection between COMEDY and BUSINESS because Mr. Morrison keeps it interesting.
Nethia M. Heyward – Commedian/Educator, Private Comics Inc., www.privatecomicsent.com

Andrew is a result-driven, take no excuses business mentor who has shown me how to focus my time and position my mastery to attract more people into my funnel and shorten the time it takes for me to convert them from prospect to customer.
Felicia Davis, Small Busines Mentor, Life Coach, Author and Philanthropist
http://www.SmallBizLaunch.com, http://www.JoyfulTransformation.com

As a talk show host of an inspirational motivational radio program New Inspiration for the Nation, I am always looking for top talent that delivers results for my audience. Andrew Morrison delivers every time. Whether it’s a soundbite, or longer answer Morrison gives concise entertaining answers that spur listeners to action in his no holds barred, hold you accountable approach. If you want your phones to light up, or keep your listeners or viewers engaged get Andrew Morrison as your next guest today,

Working with Andrew has create a new outlook for me. I have become alot more focused, set much better goals, and implemented many great ideas and strategies to help grow my business. I am also alot more productive instead of just “busy. I am very excited about the future of my business as a result of working with Andrew.
Anna Johnson

Right now I living my best life and achieving my life goals. I learned from Andrew useful tools to focus on my priorities and eliminate my distractions while serving as a moderator of a mastermind group and participating on last season’s 16wk challenge. I went from an employee to an employer. I have grown my business and I am currently experiencing a new financial and personal stability. My company, CDT EHS Consulting LLC executed a government contract providing safety services for a major construction contractor during the last 16week challenge So far we have billed for accounts receivable in excess of $50K. During the present 16 week challenge our mastermind group model of support is affording our members to experience new individual successes including the publishing of two new books. I have hired new personnel, built my business team based on Andrew’s expert advice, and I have goals to certify my business as a WMBE in order to do more work with the government. I plan to attend Andrew’s next strategic planning seminar on December 22nd, 2010 as CDT EHS Consulting LLC is currently biding to provide repeat safety consulting services to the same company as part of their next multi-million dollar bid on a future government contract. By utilizing Andrew’s business Coaching methods I am focused and positioning myself and my business for several great new future business opportunities in 2011

I would not have the level confidence I currently possess to showcase my expertise, gifts and talents, if it were not for the business skills I have learned from Andrew Morrison and through small business camp. I have been able to utilize and access a network of professionals, tools and resources through the 16wk challenge network, small business camp network and the personal business coaching of Andrew Morrison that is invaluable.

I am also a mentor and have been further able to share my calling for Health and Safety with my community because of Andrew’s encouragement. Serving in this capacity has brought me great personal satisfaction and balance.

I am growing exponentially both personally and in my career. I have planted seeds and I am now preparing for the next harvest. Through a new confidence, focus, hard work, the ability to network and maintain my professional drive for success, business has come to me with out even seeking it.
Thank you, Coach (Andrew)! Thank you Andrew for using your calling and proven methods for business success to bring out the level of prosperity and calling purposed for me! I recommend his services and methods for seasoned, as well as, budding entrepreneurs.
Crystal D. Turner, CDT EHS Consulting LLC, http://www.cdtehsconsulting.com, Safety Consultant and Specialist

“Andrew Morrison with Small Business Camp has made a huge difference in my career, not only by giving me great advice and simple tools to improve my business, but also encouraging words and life lessons that I still to this day apply. I can only highly recommend Andrew Morrison and his knowledge not only to anybody that wants to learn about business but in general wants to learn how to apply simple business rules to your every day life and thinking that WILL positively improve every aspect of your life.” – Elke Madler, Model, Business Owner, CEO of E.T. S. Entertainment
http://www.StallionModels.com http://www.ElkeTheStallion.com

Andrew Morrison is a “designation” consultant for any any new or existing small business owner. He brings high energy and laser focused marketing recommendations to smalll businesses that help them achieve their long term sales & profit objectives.
David Richardson – Founder/Executive Director, National Sales Network – www.salesnetwork.org

I began a 16 Week Challenge after hearing about it on Facebook in February 2010. I formed a Mastermind group as the moderator and under the guidance of Andrew, I used the strategies to execute my own goals. Through following the steps and the mentoring lead by Andrew Morrison, I executed a successful Sailaway for A Day #1 and raised $35,000.00 and came out with a profit of more than $15,000.00. Now, I am looking for more ventures to assist me as the first challenge did. More Sailway#1 was only the beginning of my dreams. The funds raised are not kept for personal gain but to develop a school for students with academic challenges. Through the guidance of Andrew, I also pursued applications for grants and I got a grand for $20,000.00 I implore those who wish to make a difference, to get the guidance needed as I did and continue to do. Two heads are always better than one, but with my dreams and Andrew’s support, my new ventures will become realities – just my first challenge actualized into awesomeness.
Colajean Butler, CMS Learning Centre, www.cmslearningcentre.com, Nassau, Bahamas

I have attended the BE conference for a number of years but there has never been a better speaker or a better presentation than the one put on by Andrew Morrison of the Small Business Camp. I got more useful information about utilizing technology to help market my company at the Microsoft Exhibit than I ever could have imagined from a relatively brief presentation. It has made every cent I’ve paid to attend 5 conferences worthwhile.

Please give him a bigger forum from which he can dispense his invaluable knowledge and expertise at future BE conferences
– Walter J. Ainsworth, COO, Airport Access, Inc.

In my 8 years of business I have attended many seminars all over the Country. I thought I had seen and heard it all and then there was you. The 3 hours I invested with you tonight was more beneficial than all 8 years of seminars combined! You clarified things I already knew, forced me to think about things that I didn’t want to but most of all you broadened my thinking in directions that WILL truly broaden my company! Thank you so much and God Bless!
– Matt Mallory, mFactor Technologies

Mr. Morrison has excellent skills and he helped the BE participants in the Deal Makers Lounge to clarify what they really wanted to accomplish at the BE Conference. Mr. Morrison took the time to teach and then coach each person in the room on how to get business deals at the BE Conference. He taught us how to do an effective “elevator speech” then he coached us individually. His workshop went beyond simple networking to deal making strategies. At Mr. Morrison’s second session participants were given an opportunity to discuss their business deal successes and disappointments. Mr. Morrison’s coaching style helped many participants get over their fears and find new strategies to turn disappointments into action plans.
– Khaleelah Abdul-Kareem, President, Entrepreneurial Co-operative

“Let me start by saying I don`t usually attend seminars with titles like “Boost Your Sales in 90 Days”, however after attending this seminar I felt like I was on supercharge.
I left with three very clear and distinct action items and gained several others upon leaving the seminar.”
– Sheronde Glover, Car-Buy-Her

“Attending Andrew Morrison’s Small Business Camp was the best investment I ever made for my startup small business. My company went from making almost no real revenue to generating over $43,000 dollars within the last 11 months alone directly from strategies I learned at the Small Business Camp.

I have used tactics from other business gurus with good success.

However Andrew’s insights give me more bang for my buck.

I invested $500 (a leap of faith for me at the time) and have already benefited 100 fold in terms of a return in investment.

I would encourage any small business person to attend the Small Business Camp, and not only listen but apply Andrew’s strategies. I am finding the more I apply his strategies — the more money I make. I wish I could of applied many of his strategies faster and earlier.” Heck, this brother even named my most profitable website “SearchEnginePlan.com”.
– Kamau Austin, www.SearchEnginePlan.com

Andrew Morrison, President of Small Business Camp is more than a coach, he is a life strategist. I have benefited greatly from his coaching services and I am a happier and more confident person. It was Andrew’s encouragement and support that made my personal and professional advancement possible. My sales revenues have increased tremendously and I am optimistic about reaching income levels that I once thought were unattainable. Andrew’s coaching met and exceeded my expectations and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him.

Tonja M. Oates, EA, CPA

The TMO Group, Inc. (http://thetmogroup.com/)

I was in deed blessed by the “How to Tune-Up Your Business for Spring” telephone seminar. I received so many workable concepts to re-boot my business’ operating system. These are the ones I believe are most necessary for me to execute immediately: 1)understanding my biorhythm to resolve my challenge of procrastination 2)follow what other successful companies do to experience your own success. You don’t need to create a new wheel when there is one already well greased. 3)Identify the question I need to ask when I have that one opportunity to talk to an industry expert. Thank you so much Mr. Morrison for your candid, yet inspiring session with us. I sincerely appreciate your time and expertise.
Fern Johnson CEO & Partner, www.sugarsbabies.com

Thank you for the teleseminar titled “How to Tune-Up Your Business for Spring.” It was wonderful! You covered topics most relevant for anyone serious about growing their business AND provided substance that when implemented guarantee results. I received several ideas during the one hour call that I am implementing immediately. For example, you helped me clarify my niche market and further define my practice with clarity. I appreciate your spirit, experience, and wisdom. Those who follow your practical advice will achieve more success and joy in their business and life.
Dr. Zayd Abdul-Karim, Corporate Coach, www.dtsys.com

Andrew, it was a delight to finally meet you. I had the opportunity to speak with you on one of your tele-conferences about three months ago. Well, flying all the way from Atlanta to LA for the Hollywood Black Film Festival I met the man who has literally changed my life. The night we spoke on the phone we talked about my perspective business and you asked some very thought provoking questions that I never even thought about. I had to ask myself was I really cut out for what I was about to put all my time and energy into. By the end of our conversation you told us to apply daily affirmations to our lives, just to get us on a confidante way of thinking. Well, I confess I did not follow your advice and that is why when I saw you LA – you really put that fire under my butt. You actually took the time to speak with me after your seminar was over. You created a whole new way of thinking for me in regards of success. Success is attainable and it starts with me. Andrew, I told you I did not know how to write a proposal – you literally got the paper out and helped me write a proposal right there in the hallway!!! Now, that was truly a touching moment for me because I know your time is money. I am now on my way to success. As soon as I got home I followed your advice on a very promising business idea that was right there in front of me, but you actually helped me see and plan it all out. I can’t wait to give you an update and invite YOU to be one of my guest speakers. I know it is so cliché but words cannot express my appreciation. You really do have a gift that I have not seen in anyone before. You have a way of seeing ideas already done and planned out from marketing, financed and up and running. Not only are you giving us business sense you are helping us see our self worth and using that to obtain and seek our goals. Andrew, you are simply amazing. Thank you.
Shameka Gumbs, Founder, Atlanta Hip Hop Film Festival, www.atlhiphopfilmfest.com

“Thank you for tele conference secession today, this was my first experience with “teleconferencing” what a satisfaction if was to finally hear you in action. I had the opportunity to speak with you on the telephone a few days after returning from the “PowerNetworking Conference” in Cleveland, Ohio, I knew then after our conversation that you were an expert in your trade. Today after the section I immediately thanked God for allowing me this experience of being coached by you. Andrew you reaffirmed things that I have been reading and have learned for many years, the difference was the way you presented these idea and simplified them. One thing that impacted me during this conference call was when you told us we needed to get out of our minds and into the minds of our customers and clients. For years I have been stuck in that mode. Thank you Andrew for my break through. Thank you for affirming it is all right to give, plant seeds and to dream big and that it is all right to go after the cooperate account. You did not only present you gave from deep within you soul. Thank you for investing in me, my dreams and my company. I will be sure to spread the news about your skills and talents. Andrew you are wonderful gift to Small Business Owners. Keep giving.”
Daphne Clarke, www.clarke-hudson.com

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in the tele-class. It was an awesome experience. I just got home from bypass surgery this past Saturday, and I’m not supposed to be on my computer for at least a few more days. However, I had to sneak in my office to send you a “thank you” message. I am going to get started on my goals, answering the questions, and completing my visualization statement (and recording) right away. I definitely don’t have an excuse! I’m sure with your help, we are going to soar in 2005!”
Stephanie L. Jones, www.sugarsbabies.com

“Andrew Morrison is a powerful coach who knows how to get to the heart of matters. He provokes thought and evokes the kind of change that will propel your business to new heights.”
Valorie Burton, Author of Listen to Your Life and Rich Minds, Rich Rewards, http://www.valorieburton.com/

“”The coaching sessions are incredible. I’ve expanded my website and pushed myself to sell. When I would normally do the activity for free, or give books away I am asking for the payment I deserve. I feel like a success. I kept working on my web site and on myself, even when I didn’t feel up to par. I am a success, because I have built my business from the ground up. Funny thing, my managers are looking at me like I can do more challenging jobs.”
Judine Slaughter, http://www.eybooks.com/

I thank you for sharing your knowledge with myself and the other callers last night. The information I recieved was invaluable. I went to bed last night a different person. I ruminated over past transgressions and I realized that simplicity is the key. It is amazing how simple things are until you stop thinking complicated. Your genius is immeasurable. Thank you and God Bless
Andre Thomas

“I would like to take this time to say , that I truly enjoyed your tele-conference, that you provided on the 12-steps. These steps will ultimately provide a road map to my success. You are a tremendous inspiration. Please keep shining your light, so that others such as myself can see where we are going in this game called life !!!!!”
Thomas Searles

“The words you spoke last night were–simply put–powerful! After spending just 2 hours, with Andrew Morrision, I left there with a such wealth of information and concepts. Ideas so simple, yet profound, that I have already began to incorporate them into my everyday personal and business activities. The Wow factor was very much alive during your speech. Thank you for inviting me. I am looking forward to signing up for your Small Business Camp.”
Richard Reave, Black Heritage Books.com

Let me start by saying you are awesome… I have never been to a seminar that was too short, but gained extensive information! The questions that you encouraged and excited were so moving it encouraged me to send you my information page.
Kwietha Bolden

Thank you for your graciousness and generosity in sharing your time. This was GREAT!!! Just from your telephone call, I feel not only motivated but inspired to keep moving. This hour changed my life…literally. Thanks to Pam Perry of Detroit for referring me to you.
Gail M. Hayes, Ph.D , www.daughtersoftheking.org

Yes, I was on the call and stayed the entire time. It was excellent. I have several businesses (Meeting & Event Planning, Tour Operator, Travel Clinic as well as serve in my other capacity as an international lecturer). They all make money but it has taken too long to make the big stuff. Needed you years ago! The suggestions for thinking of services as products and products as services is an excellent and eye opening approach. Additionally, I was wowed by the tips on marketing – Public Access Television (had never thought of it). I have done radio in the past having had my own show and some guest spots on local television but utilizing public access while I know about it just never crossed my mind. I have done some of your suggestions – publishing, sponsorships, etc. but needed to have some niche issues addressed more readily. Good Stuff. I want to come to the camp but time constraints may be an issue for me as I am scheduled to go out of the country near the time of your Philly workshop and cannot do January either. Will you do this again soon .. somewhere?
Dr. Patricia Newton, President, Newton-Thoth, Inc. International

Andrew, your “Generating Predictable Income” seminar moved me to action. You shared so many compelling ideas (e.g., securing a retainer for services; listing a classified ad; partnering with others, etc.). However, the most striking takeaways for me were to FOCUS and deal with my EMOTIONS. A novel, simple, powerful, often over-looked and taken-for- granted concept, but the truth is that focusing on one thing at a time has given me permission to exhale, take in the lessons from my past, embrace the victories and triumphs, and receive with passion my divine purpose for which God created me. Today, taking baby steps, I have attracted opportunities, become more confident, and unleashed some creative business ideas. Thank you for being such a masterful catalyst and humble paradigm pioneer!
Barbara R. Gunn Lartey, Esq. GrowthPointe Enterprises, Inc.


I learned a lot from the call and I guess the biggest take away for my company was the mindset of looking at our services as products and vice versa for packaging. This concept will serve very powerful and useful for my business which is the full-service medical billing company. You also mentioned underperforming assets, which I have some of as well and so at the end of the day we have to use what we have to get what want. Thank you so much for candidly sharing your knowledge, experience and wisdom!
Ebony L. Dendy

You are truly a giving person in every sense of the word. I always learn a great deal from your wisdom, but last evening’s teleconference message came through loud and clear “Make people feel they can’t do without me and the services my company provides.” In listening to you I not only know it can happen, but it can make a steady monthly revenue to sustain my business and me. It’s all in the packaging! I am in the process of putting together a “You Just Can’t Say No to” package.
Diane Tinsley, www.xceptionalevents.com

Hi Andrew, yes I was on the call and what a blessing it was. I learned a lot about “marketing”, advertising, business cards and the ebook. I am looking forward to getting more information, as it’s definitely motivational. I truly appreciate the time and effort you put into the seminar. Your positivism is compelling. What more can I say. I took notes, and I hope to get to meet you soon at one of the seminars in NYC.
Jemel, www.wealthlinks.com/jemel4success

The teleconference was great and informative. I gained some insight on different marketing tools that I had not considered such as developing the white pages and some strategies to use when building a team and valuable tips on partnering with big corporations to solve a client’s needs. I feel that a lot of information was covered in the conference call and it was cost and time effective for my fitness business where we are really busy during the first quarter of the year. I definitely feel that these tips and future events such as these are valuable to any business.
Bertha Cross, Fitness Heights International, www.fitnessheights.com

The information you provided was perfect timing. My January goal is to find a way to market 3 of my skills and package them on a new website. I’ve made money from each of them over the past few years and created a business from each. My biggest challenge is marketing “myself” since the products and services are directly linked to who I am. The phone seminar provided me with structure on how to use the techniques of marketing to various multi-media outlets to promote my businesses. Although I provide a good service and product the call confirmed that you can sell anything as long as you market yourself and the product/service correctly.
M. Michele Lewis, Art Framer, Real Estate Agent, Software Training Specialist

Yes I was on the call last night and I learned quite a bit. Your high energy, direct, and yet caring approach is what made the call enjoyable. You covered so many topics in that short period of time. It was amazing. I was inspired to be more creative and think in terms of how I can get things done when trying to acquire or retain customers. I look forward to your next call.
Janise Lee, MATAH Business Center, http://www.mymatah.net/janiselee

Last nights call was so motivating and informative…in fact I was taking my notes so that I can begin to APPLY these suggestions…I also ordered your book while I was on the call! I can’t wait for it to come. While you were saying it, I wrote out my income goal and highlighted it and taped it right in front of me at my desk so that I can focus on it and make it happen! I also read your two wonderful articles and if it’s okay with you, I would like to distribute them to my clients and email list…let me know if this is okay. I thoroughly enjoy listening to how professional, informative and creative you were. I have listened to many teleseminars, but NEVER one lead by an African American–it was so refreshing and I felt very proud of you– you are very inspiring to me…thank you.
Olufemi Alexander,Naturally Yours Boutique http://www.naturallyyoursboutique.com

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