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Business Opportunities for Botswana

“Shhh … I have a business idea and I don’t want to share it with anyone!” Have you heard someone say that before? I hear it all the time. People think that they are the only ones with ideas to create a new product or service. They are filled with fear and afraid that someone will steal their idea.

I take the opposite approach. Ideas are everywhere. You can not own an idea. To me, ideas are the Universe seeking to express itself. You may just happen to be in the way and pick up on that vibration but you can own an idea as much as you can own the air in a room. Right now, try and take in all of the air for yourself – it’s impossible. The air is here for us all and so are ideas.

Now, you can own the expression of your ideas. A good intellectual property lawyer can explain how the expression of your ideas can be protected as a trademark, patent or copyright. But until you document and express the idea, there is no value to the idea. This column is protected by copyright laws. I dare you to copy it without my permission. I will sue you so quickly (smile)!

I want to share several solid business ideas I have for Botswana. I am not afraid of someone stealing these concepts. I have learned that if something is really for you then nobody can take it away. The smart person would seek to partner with me when it comes to some of these ideas and attend my upcoming Small Business Camp Weekend in Botswana on 29 November.

Sharing and collaboration is critical to building a sustainable entrepreneurial culture in Botswana. Let’s start sharing our business concepts with others. I’ll go first!

Botswana Mutual Fund – It appears to me that the average consumer is not investing in the Botswana Stock Exchange. An index fund that is marketed properly with a low initial investment of P500 could find widespread appeal.

Botswana Moped Commission – I did not see many motorcycles or mopeds in the country. During my morning jog, outside of the Lansmore Hotel, I saw hundreds of woman walk two miles from the bus depot to their place of employment. I think there is a market for short-run transportation that is energy efficient.

Botswana Technology Experts – How can we solve the high unemployment of recent information technology graduates? Why, that’s simple! We offer their services to the rest of the world. I’ll be the first to invest in an online marketplace that lists graphic designers, programmers, web developers, writers, video editors and other technical skillsets. Companies and individuals from around the globe can visit this website to hire the smartest and best talent from Botswana. Kid Entrepreneurs Need Opportunity Foundation, (KENO) Inc is already laying the groundwork to connect youth in the US, Caribbean and Africa to share their talents.

Custom Clothing – With the downturn in the apparel industry, there is a great deal of ideal capacity. We can develop a website to give people the option of entering their measurements and design specifications. Who wants to be seen wearing the same dress as another woman at a party? Custom designed clothes from Botswana can solve that problem.

Botswana Retail Store in the USA – Imagine a Botswana Branded store on Fifth Avenue, New York City in the heart of the fashion district that showcases your fashion and jewelry designs. Why only manufacture for others? Let’s build Brand Botswana and market directly to the consumers. The profit margins are incredible. Just ask Samsung – the maker of the Galaxy III smartphone.

Botswana Craft Exchange – Consumers love handmade goods. Botswana has a talented arts and crafts community. We can develop a central website that showcases the work of each artist. A seminar can be held to take pictures of each person’s work and launch their own digital storefront.

Beauty of Botswana Magazine – Okay, I will say it .. The women in Botswana are gorgeous! We can no longer keep this a secret. Beauty Sells! Billions of dollars in global trade is based upon using attractive people to advertise products and services. A magazine can showcase one of your natural resources. All I ask is that I be invited to the photo shoot.

Music Showcase – In one comment, I see people praising your musical artists on YouTube for their talent and the next post a user is asking where they can purchase the music. Musicians have to be dragged into the digital age by helping them create an iTunes.com account and develop low-cost music videos for YouTube.

Startup Village – How about a college dormitory just for student entrepreneurs? The energy would be amazing! Dell Computer, Microsoft, Yahoo and Facebook were all started in a college dorm room. Startup Village would be a living space with shared back-office services to support young business owners. Show me some land and I’ll build it!

National Apprenticeship Program – If I had 10 minutes with President Khama, I would ask permission to create a nationwide training program that prepares the youth to be an unpaid apprentice within the private or government sector. I would teach young people how to help any organization increase revenue or reduce expenses. Within 90 days, the youth would be charged with working on a project to to justify a paid position moving forward.

There you have it! All of my top-secret ideas. Go ahead, try and steal them. There is more to an idea than just a few sentences. Do you have the passion, drive and experience to make an idea become a reality?

I hope you can join me for Botswana’s Small Business Camp Week from 26 November until 1 December. I want to work with you on the above ideas as well as your own.

I can’t get you ready. Come ready and I’m here to help you manifest your dreams. Register at http://bizcampweek.eventbrite.com/

Andrew Morrison is the President of Small Business Camp – a training and marketing services firm and the Vice-President of the Botswana American Chamber of Commerce. He built a multi-million dollar database marketing company, lectured at Harvard University, was featured in the Wall Street Journal and appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Television Show. Join his email list at www.SmallBusinessCamp.com and follow him on Twitter at @2AndrewMorrison

© 2013 Andrew Morrison

  • Radipost

    WOW! You have so many brilliant business ideas for Botswana…as a young motswana who is currently unemployed, i find all these ideas viable…however, i cannot rule out the fact that financing some of the business ideas on here would be a challenge…funding is always an issue in Bots especially if one has no land…land is power and it is usually in the hands of the wealthy people…so young as I am, i can have all these ideas but find no means of making them a reality due to the aforementioned challenges!!!

  • http://www.smallbusinesscamp.com/ Andrew Morrison

    Glad you like the ideas. I hope you can make my series for free seminars next week. I will share with you a plan to turn your ideas into wealth with very little money. You can register at http://bizcampweek.eventbrite.com/

  • Radipost

    I am staying in distant town, more than 500km from Gabs, so I wont make it to your seminars unfortunately! I would have loved to come and get to hear your views on the available opportunities in the country…I want to believe this will not be the last time you are coming to Botswana, so I am hopeful that we shall meet someday….

  • http://www.ezahlady.wordpress.com/ Neo

    You know, everything you just said is something that I never thought about. As an aspiring entrepreneur all I did was look at what works then try emulate it and all the time I had another fresh idea the people closest to me always told me it would not work so I became discouraged and threw in the towel. But now I believe that if YOU can think outside the box ideas for the Botswana I know – then I too can! Thanks I will be attending your seminar on Tuesday.

  • Si

    Excellent writing & great work, very encourgaing for a small time entrepreneur from the UK with plans to return to Africa after growing up in Zimbabwe

  • Pk

    wow,these are wonderful ideas righ here and i believe more were been shared during the seminar. how i wish i was there, but with few i just saw maybe i will use one because am currently looking a brilliant idea like these and passionately pursue that on a bussiness. but thanks again Sir, you revived me a lot.
    Francistown , Botswana .

  • Andrew

    Glad you like the ideas. Pick one. Stay focused and you will be successfull.

  • Kgakgamatso Rabakwena

    wow! what a good Samaritan we have. Am a young man in Botswana/Letlhakana next to Orapa. Am running a business which specialist on supply and fit of both wall and floor tile of an type,size and design, we do home emprovement and development. What i fill am lucking is the strategy to market my product and services, so i need a Samaritan like you who can help me with marketng my company!

  • Kgakgamatso Rabakwena

    If you want to ask me more question about my small business you can call; 027 73281117, 0267 71688552 or email me on; tiledoginvestmentc@rocketmail.com.

  • http://www.smallbusinesscamp.com/ Andrew Morrison

    Do you have a website or facebook page?

  • http://www.smallbusinesscamp.com/ Andrew Morrison

    Please join my FB page for Botswana and post your questions at https://www.facebook.com/bizbotswana

  • Ramarumo mpheme

    Wow! i like it; we help others with ideas.

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