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Increasing the Peace In High Schools

Increasing the Peace In High Schools (You Can Help!)

As I travel the country and speak with educators, parents and students, I am consistently confronted with level of tension and unresolved conflict at the high school level.

I witnessed the following conversation during a school visit:

“What were you thinking!!!” yelled the principal.

The student attempts a response by saying, “Well, what happened was …”

The principal interrupts that student with, “I don’t want to hear that. Tell me! What were you thinking!”

Student makes several attempts to explain his position only to be met with the constant refrain, “I don’t want to hear that. Tell me! What were you thinking!”

It was like watching a comedy routine!

Now, let’s be fair to the principal. We don’t know the back-story of the student’s past behavior or the other pressures that the principal was facing that day.

But what came to me in an instant was, “There has to be a better way.”

Working as an educator in an under-resourced environment is one of the toughest jobs on the planet.

What if the principal could send the student to an organization with the patience and process to sort out the issues.

Welcome to Student Court – a movement to train high school and middle school students to peacefully resolve conflict. I need your help to conduct research, develop training material, contact schools, train students and moderate the Student Court. This is a school based mediation program that operates outside of the formal judicial system.

We can work together to make sure that every high school and middle school in the country has a Student Court to give voice and peaceful resolution to the conflicts that students are facing.

Please join the movement at http://wiggio.com/group_open_join.php?groupid=1465814&password=peacenow&ref=269326

Thanks in advance for playing your part in bringing more peace to our schools.

Expect the Best,

Andrew Morrison
Small Business Camp

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