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Raise Capital at Idea Exchange

I truly enjoy sharing my ideas with nearly 10,000 of my dearest friends. Thanks for being a part of my email and social media community.

My latest concept is called …. Idea Exchange. I hope you can make it in-person or view the live webcast on Tuesday, July 10th at 6pm EST. You can register at http://julyideaexchange.eventbrite.com/

I plan to video tape the event and pitch it as a Television show.

As you read this, I would like to point out that many people wonder why I share so much. “Andrew, why send this email when someone will steal your idea,” is the response I often hear.

All I know is that what’s for you is for you!

I only seek to give you an inside view of my journey and hopefully I can serve to support you in your journey.

Stay tuned for what the end will be ….. Here it goes …..

Where dreamers compete to see who will provide the money, connections and resources to turn their concepts into cash.  “Shark Tank” and “The Apprentice” meets “Home Makeover” in an audience driven show that shares business insights and motivational tips to help anyone profit from their ideas.

What are your dreams? What do you intend to create? What ideas are stirring on the inside that await manifestation on the outside?

What do you need to get started? Is it money, contacts, or knowledge?

Now imagine a networking event that gave you a chance to share your dreams in an empowering environment and offered you the tools and resources to turn your dreams into reality.

Well, welcome to IDEA EXCHANGE(tm) . Welcome to an experiment in trust. Welcome to a creative space that serves as a launching pad for your business, nonprofit or career.

Wealthy individuals belong to clubs that offer environments that are conducive to the creative process. IDEA EXCHANGE(tm) serves to bring a wealth building platform to the masses.

Imagine a space where everyone is labeled as a creator, supporter or funder. Creators have ideas that need to be jump-started or expanded. Funders are willing to provide capital of at least $1,000 to finance a creator’s project. Supporters are accountants, lawyers, designers and other service professionals who provide the infrastructure to best deploy the Funders investment into a Creator. Creators are identified with green name tags. Supporters wear blue and Funders wear red. Special invited guests serve as Expert Supporters and moderate round table discussions.

An initial networking period is followed by 3-minute pitches by Creators with a question and answer session by the Funders.  Audience members are encouraged to join the team of one or two of the presenters and donate at least 1 hour a week for the next 4 weeks helping them reach their goals. At the next IDEA EXCHANGE(tm) event in 30 days, the presenters have to give an update on their progress.

IDEA EXCHANGE(tm) is streamed via an online webcast. Internet viewers can ask questions and participate as a funder or supporter. The studio audience and online viewers vote on the best ideas.  The program concludes with final observations and comments from me.

I hope you can join us in-person or watch the live broadcast of IDEA EXCHANGE(tm) on July 10th at 6pm EST. Register at http://julyideaexchange.eventbrite.com/

Expect the best,

Andrew Morrison
Small Business Camp

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  • Teammarket123

    MY REVIEW:I attended this event on Tuesday. The concept of idea exchange is awesome, unfortunately it was poorly executed and fell short of my expectations. Here are some of my observations: -Those labeled as “Funders” at the event were hesitant to identify themselves, and then were labeled by Andrew (the host). -Based on some of their side comments, it would appear that certain Funders/supporters were controlled or limited as to their offerings by Andrew. -Those labeled as “creators” were given prior notice of 120 second pitch which was changed twice to 60sec and again to 30sec in the middle of the pitching segment. -Although Industry professionals were in attendance, the event as a whole lacked industry professionalism. It would appear that these professionals were there just helping out or supporting Andrew’s idea by showing up.-Judges were recruited moments before the judging took place.-It started late and went over time. -Comments from Andrew’s associates and friends took up valuable networking time. One in particular was mildly inappropriate relating getting your business funded to a “booty call”. -Certain jokes and comments made by Andrew were distasteful and a waste of time. Several participants and observers left prior to the conclusion. Towards the end of the event each “Funder” was asked to write a dollar amount on a piece of paper that they would offer as a “investment”  to the best idea. This more pointedly was a loan that had to be repaid in 30 days. Most participants were in the “Idea” stage seeking seed funding for development. They more than likely could not benefit from a 30 day loan let alone be able to pay it back in that time frame.  All in all the event lacked focus and professionalism. This event was more like a game where businesses compete for a 30 day loan with the feel of an Urban Community Business networking event. Back to the drawing board Idea Exchange…Some quick advise: – Go back and read the original layout of the event sent out in the email prior to the event.-Choose either to help ideas get off the ground or help established businesses grow.-Get a panel of accredited investors who are willing to invest in ways other than a 30day loan.-Pre-screen “creators” ahead of time and hand pick a select amount and provide them with  a respectable amount of time to make a professional pitch/presentation.-Get “supporters” to identify what product or service they are offering.-Formally thank friends and associates for their support instead of giving them ALL a chance to say something.-Make sure your staff knows and can preform their duties with out you having to guide them help and correct them.-Plan, Plan, Plan,Prepare,Prepare, Prepare AHEAD OF TIME.-Challenge and push members of this community to be more professional and contend with the rest of the world!

  • http://www.smallbusinesscamp.com/ Andrew Morrison

    Thanks for your insightful comments. I was creating a trailer for a reality TV show and wanted to have several “gotcha” moments. To know the “real” me is to love me (smile). We will only get better! I look forward to seeing you at a future event. We will work hard to surpass your expectations.

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