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Worst Speech I Ever Gave!

I gave a keynote speech last night. It was awful. I was sweating, nervous and light-headed. I didn’t connect with the audience and several of my jokes fell flat.

I could begin to give you 101 excuses. Here they go ….. I could not work the powerpoint projector. My mind was frazzled from two root canals and pain killer medication. I neglected to eat.

But despite the horrible outcome, I feel okay!


Because I am telling myself a new story.

A few people did come up to me afterward and say that they took over 5 pages of notes. Another person mentioned that my speech motivated them to pursue a new goal.

I feel okay because the positive comments I did receive represent the new movie that I am playing in my mind. You always have the power to look at a past situation differently.

Change your inner movie and you will change your life.

Things only have as much meaning as you give them.

Here are a few steps you can take to recover quickly from your next failure:

1. Find the good. No matter how great the loss there is always something you can learn from any situation.

2. Change the question. Move away from “How Could I Be So Stupid?” to “What Can I Learn from This Situation?”

3. Focus on a past win. Remember your past success. It will help you to realize that this experience does not define you.

4. Focus on a future win. What’s next for you? How will your recent stumble ensure a future victory?

5. Cultivate the attitude of gratitude. Your worst day is another person’s best day. Be grateful and realize that you can only do better.

6. Share your story. My mistakes have only made me a better business coach.

7. Swing Again. Get back up there and do it again!

I have another speech to give today and tomorrow. My audiences will benefit from yesterday’s disaster.

I pray that you are on the road to recovery from your own personal setbacks. Remember that the test is the testimony!

I would love to hear how you recover from failure. Post your comments on http://smallbusinesscamp.com/2012/06/22/worst-speech-i-ever-gave/

Continued Success,

Andrew Morrison
President, Small Business Camp

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  • http://twitter.com/RaisingGreatMen Marie Roker-Jones

    I once had to speak to a group of parents about raising boys and  the audience was a bit aggressive. It threw me off and as much as I tried to keep my cool, it was difficult because they weren’t being receptive to what I was saying. Imagine a room of tired and disgruntled parents just staring at you like you make no sense. I finally related to them when I shared my personal story. Interestingly enough, one of the most outspoken parents emailed me later to say how the information I shared helped her.

  • Vintageshaun

    Business over bullsh*t is my motto. 

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  • Beth Meixner

    I enjoyed your email message today.  It put a smile on my face – what a great way
    to start off my Friday.   Your disastrous
    speech already did something positive for me!! 
    Thanks for sharing.Beth MeixnerMoxxie Network

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  • Ron Seaborn

    Hey Andrew, your story was inspiring and insightful! It explains to me why you have reached the heights you have obtained, especially the connection with your give back approach.

  • Joy Farrington

    Thanks for sharing your experience. It shows that you don’t have to be a perfect speaker in order to get your content across and that we are all a work in progress.

  • Joy Farrington

    Thanks for sharing your experience. It shows that you don’t have to be a perfect speaker in order to get your content across and that we are all a work in progress.

  • Winnie burch

    I am sorry you had a character building moment, maybe not…..You are a true eagle, but even a eagle need a push , failure or character building moment. Stay focus you bring so much info to people even on a bad day. Continue to stay blesses and being a blessing to others.
    Winnie burch

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  • http://loveoneblackwoman.net/ James H Heastie III

    As I sit and read this post it connects two points in my life. One past, One present. In the past I was selected by a small group of individuals to help start a judgement Recovery Service. I was given all the materials needed to learn the process of the do’s & don’ts of the business. Needless to say I single handedly got it off the ground and running.

     What happened shortly after that that would discourage me for years to come. One partner decide to bring on another and they both felt that they had more say than I did as far as the business goes. That being said I decided to call a meeting to discuss these issues which resulted in us separating the business and dividing the $500,000 in judgements I was able to get signed over to the business.

      My down fall, the business was in the one partners name and I never received any thing for my efforts. What frustrated me to no end is that I was so close to success and it just seemed to slip through my fingers. That thought alone frustrated me to no end for years.

     Moving on to a present situation (Less than 5 days ago). Again I was approached to help start a money making venture (I came from NYC to ATL for this one). This time we opted to create a website/blog and monetize it once traffic is up to par, which is fine because I also do consulting for web design & SEO (search engine optimization). Once again I build it from the ground up. We start getting our post on the first page of google, things are looking good and headed in the right direction. 

    You know where this is going wright? Lol

      Once again trouble pops up. This time my partner just doesn’t want to do it any more. Basically it’s reaping benefits fast enough for him. The site went live April 3 2012! It hasn’t even been 3 months. My partner, X – partner now, say’s some thing to the effect of “it’s every man for him self”. Which kinda sucks for me because I’m in ATL with out a car.

      But the difference is I own the site. I still have my consulting business I can start up in ATL. This time I am far from being bitter. I love the site that I built. And I love the reason why I built it, (LoveOneBlackWoman.net) it deals with the relationship issues between the black male and black female. This time success will not slip through my fingers because I choose to grab it!

     I say all of that to say this, don’t let past failures ruin your future success. Cheers to you Andrew for being an inspiration.

    Do not look where you fell, but where you slipped.Meaning: Don’t look at your mistakes; look at what caused you to make the mistakes. 

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  • Seth Washington

    Thanks. As usual you have provided timely insights!
    Emotions would like to create a horrific documentary about failure.
    Instead, I am learning that so called failure in many instances is a stunning opportunity to  re-group, re-assess and as you stated, re-create the inner movie.
    We are epics in the making…
    Again, thank you.

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  • Sylvia Tedford

    Thanks for letting us all know that you have those kind of days also. We always hear the GREAT things that happen. (nothing wrong with that), but we forget that you have “not so great days” also. THANKS for the great work that you do.  When i had stepped out in faith to become self employed at the start of the down turn of the economy, back in 2007, i was self employed for 2 years, racking up debt, stressing, loosing weight, beating my self up mentally, saying to myself, why didn’t you have a better plan in place, I finally stopped that mental abuse by telling myself, AT LEAST YOU HAD THE GUTS TO STEP OUT IN FAITH AND TRY IT. MANNY SIT ON THE SIDELINES WISHING THEY COULD OR HAD THE GUTS TO TRY IT.  I took a fulltime job to revamp, save some money, restructure my business and get better focused. 

  • Andrew Morrison

    Great comments!!!! I feel better and better with each one. I smell a book cooking. Stay tuned!

  • Kristen L. Pope


    Great rebound and recovery! I’d say it was a win after all!

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  • http://www.pamperry.org Pam Perry

    I recovered from a failure by being honest with myself.  Taking the blame but releasing the guilt. Once you “admit” something, it frees you to move forward. Denial or blaming someone else does not move you forward, it holds you back.

    I have found after acknowledging the failure to myself – I look within
    and ask what is it I need to do next to fix the situation or to avoid it
    next time.

    It’s also very wise to have people who can speak into your life that you
    respect. They are the people who can help pull you out of your ditch –
    and get you back on the road.

    We all need direction and guidance, it’s the smart folks who recognize it – and listen & LEARN. :)  Be still and know.

    Pam Perry

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