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5 Ways to Maximize Sales in the 4th Quarter

Are you ready for the 4th quarter?

Billions are made during the months of September, October, November and December. Now is the time for you to take advantage of several powerful buying seasons. We have Back-to-School, Labor Day, Election Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. In addition, January is the biggest month for people to purchase self-improvement products.

I know that many people are planning to go on vacation in August. However, “real” entrepreneurs also develop their plans for the 4th quarter.

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Here are a few things you should consider completing during the summer months.

1. Book is the New Business Card. The vast majority of all TV and radio guests have written a book. Forget about the vacation reading list. Let’s focus on that vacation writing assignment. I can teach you how to write a book in 30 days at my next biz camp > http://bizcamp0806.eventbrite.com

2. Bad Video is Better than No Video. Begin to develop a storyline for several YouTube videos. Consider using humor, testimonials and current events as the backdrop for a conversation around your brand. Remember to keep them under 4 minutes each.

3. Grow Your Business with Interns. The record industry was built on interns. A cadre of young people were willing to work long hours for very little pay in order to pursue their dreams. Your business or non-profit can be the fulfillment of a young person’s passion. Write a job description and contact several local colleges. Help is available. Just be open to receiving it.

4. Sit for Ideas. OK, you are on the beach relaxing with a cool drink in one hand. This is the perfect environment for you to receive a breakthrough idea. You don’t have to leave the entire office at home. Bring a few key problems along with you. Have a pen and paper ready. You may be surprised by a few new insights by the pool.

5. Cultivate Media Contacts. Try and establish a personal relationship with a TV/radio producer or newspaper editor. Listen for what they are looking for. Get to know their editorial calendar. If positioned properly, your non-profit could be the next big feature story.

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The New Year is fast approaching. Let’s close out this one with great success.

Expect the Best,

Andrew Morrison

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