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The Morrison Experience

If you didn’t get a chance to make the 2011 Power Networking conference I must say you all missed a weekend of empowerment, knowledge sharing and excellence brought to you by some of the brightest minds in our community. There is one part of the conference I just have to highlight and that was the Andrew Morrison Experience. Now that wasn’t the name of his workshop but the feeling I had after leaving his class was incredible. Andrew’s workshop was called Grow your business in 16 Weeks. Andrew Morrison is the founder of Small Business Camp – an entrepreneurial training and marketing services firm. In February of 2007, he trained 1,200 entrepreneurs in Nigeria, West Africa. The company delivers an intensive 2-day program that allows the participants to walk-in with just an idea and leave with a marketing plan, public relations strategy, money-making website, direct-mail campaign and 90 days of follow-up coaching.

Andrew’s approach to business is prophetic and they way he helps people see their own value and unlock their treasure is truly remarkable. His energy attracted a standing room only audience and the charisma he possessed created this synergy in the class that made the atmosphere fun and fertile for learning. I can’t share the 16 principles with you but I do want to outline the first principle, the most important principle which was obedience. Andrew shared that we all have an inner voice that directs our path and encourages our passions but it is up to us to be still enough to hear the details. We have so much noise going on in our lives that it’s difficult to hear the voice of GOD. He challenged us to increase the silence in our lives by spending the first 15 minutes of our day and the last 15 minutes of the evening just before retiring to bed listening to our inner voice.

His business workshop was one to remember but what stood out most to me was his ability to share the room with his clients, those that have worked with Andrew and received mentorship and coaching. Every client that he had stand and share their testimony about working with Andrew had a developed product or service. Andrew helped me focus my non-profit idea and I created RestoreGeorgia.org, a community service organization that is currently transforming the face of DeKalb County. The Math Lady had a DVD and published book. Morrison helped Mr. Organo Gold find the exposure he needed to explode his coffee business in the market place. David Anderson, CEO of Blackanomics shared his “No Mortgage strategies” with the workshop audience and Sheila Moss-Brown creator of the relationship board game “Authenticity” not only shared her Morrison Experience, but also received coaching tips on how to take the next steps in her business In the workshop. All I can say is truly amazing. The bible says you will know a tree by the fruit it bears. Andrew Morrison is the real deal. I encourage everyone to go www.smallbusinesscamp.com and sign up for the 16 Week Challenge, your business depends on it.

Anthony Beedles, CEO/Founder of RestoreGeorgia.org

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    This is an excellent description of Andrew Morrison. He is very passionate about his work and seeing that others succeed. Congratulations Andrew, you’ve done it again.

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