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New Ideas. New Life!

Did you see the movie “Inception?” I missed it in the movie theater but recently saw it last week.

All I can say is “WOW!” You have to see “Inception!”

I don’t want to spoil the movie for you but the entire plot revolves around the power of an IDEA. It causes you to consider the ideas that are influencing your current behavior, actions and lifestyle.

All of us are seeking to live the abundant life in the areas of family, relationships, romance, community, career, health and finance. But could an idea, that’s deeply buried in your subconscious be holding you back from greatness.

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Just consider something that you have attempted in the past and you did not receive a desirable result. You may still carry the same goal year after year.

Now, think about a “silly” idea that’s hidden deep within that could be REALLY holding you back.

Could It Be ….
– I’m not good enough
– Will people still like me
– Can I handle success
– More money more problems
– I don’t want the responsibility
– My parents tried that and failed
– Nobody who looks like me ever achieved that goal
– They will laugh at me if I try
– Rich people can’t get to heaven
– I’m not capable
– I was born into poverty
– Abuse follows me everywhere I go
– I won’t have any friends
– I don’t deserve it
– I’ve failed so much in the past. Why bother?
– Rejection is too painful
– It will never work!

Do any of the above “crazy” ideas resonate with you?

If you feel even the slightest truth then we need to work on changing that idea. In “Inception,” the characters were able to go deep into the minds of others – a dream within a dream within a dream.

Why not take control of your own mind? Go three levels deep and plant an empowering and liberating idea about what’s possible.

What NEW idea must you plant?

I look forward to hearing about the NEW fruits that you are set to bring forth.

Expect the Best,

Andrew Morrison
Small Business Camp

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