04 March 2011 ~ 2 Comments

Finding the Energy to Write – Day 4

Creating an outline the night before can help your writing flow the following day.

Here’s the outline for this post.

You have the energy but you need to release it.

Understand how you are motivated. Examine moving toward vs. moving away from goals. It’s possible combine both.

Track your energy levels during the day and during the week. My best
time to write is early in the morning.

Be careful of your addiction to stimulants such as candy and coffee.
It’s the glucose that you crave and your body can naturally convert the carbohydrates into glucose.
Energy drink and sugars serves as a shortcut to the body’s natural energy creation process and can lead to long-term health issues

Natural ways to get a boost of energy
– eat light
– exercise
– drink cold water
– lay with our back on the floor and feet on top of a chair
– short 30 minute power nap
– visualize your success

If you don’t have the energy to write then just brainstorm on the outline and list the key points of the article. Writing with perfect sentence structure takes more energy but making a list of key points is relatively easy – that’s what I did with this post.

Examine energy drainers:
– reading the news
– drinking alc0hol
– speaking with negative

An online count-down watch is the most effective way to take what little energy you have and focus for an intensive 20-minutes

There are two types of energy – potential and kinetic. We have the potential to do great things. But no one will see it unless we convert our potential into kinetic energy.

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