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Turbo Charge Your Success with Outlines and Outcomes – Day 3

I must confess! I actually jumped into this process of writing a book in 30 days without a real road map for success. I’m great at the big picture! I can see myself and several other people displaying their books at the PowerNetworking conference in June (http://frasernet.com/).

But, what about the small picture? How about focusing on the daily practices that can help you reach a larger goal?

It was Ramon Williamson who I first heard say, “Your future success is hidden in your daily habits.”

It’s what you do every day that will determine your long-term success. Daily actions can only be implemented by having a system in place.

Everybody wants great teeth and we all know the importance of brushing them daily. Do you ever wake up in the morning wondering where to find your tooth brush and toothpaste?


You have a system that allows you to brush your teeth on a daily basis. All of the tools are right where you need them and there is no guessing about what to do next.

The pursuit of your goals need to be placed on automatic pilot. They need to be as simple as brushing your teeth.

Give some thought to systems that will allow you to take action on a daily basis. The only way to truly develop a daily success system is to speak with people who have already reached a similar goal.

Over the next 30 days, I need to write daily and post a blog to my website (http://smallbusinesscamp.com/). What goal do you plan to complete in 30 days? Ask an expert about the obstacles that you have to overcome.

Several writers have mentioned to me this concept called, “Writer’s Block.” You simply can’t write anything to save your life. They spend hours at the computer just starring at a blank screen. No matter how hard they try nothing will come out. A frequent suggestion to deal with this problem is to create a daily writing assignment based on the questions that your readers would like to have answered.

If I plan to write a book called, “How to Write a Book in 30 Days: My Personal Journey” then I need to map out my witting assignments over 30 days. With this being Day 3, I only need to create another 27 topics. It’s important that I frame each topic as a question.

Writing is all about speaking to unanswered questions.

Here’s my list of topics for the next 27 days in no real order. They may change. Feel free to make a few suggestions.

  • Why you MUST write a book?
  • Finding the energy to write
  • Could your environment be a distraction
  • Selecting the right topic
  • Creating a chapter outline
  • Should I self-publish?
  • Why a book proposal is a great start
  • Working with a writing partner
  • Using social media to craft your story
  • The Interview: Leveraging the wisdom of others
  • Getting content with www.BlogTalkradio.com
  • Finding supporting statistics and facts
  • Legal issues to consider
  • Improve your writing with a proofreader and editor
  • How to raise money to print and market your book
  • Developing a website for your book
  • Conducting TV, print and broadcast interviews
  • Planning the launch party
  • Using the book to secure speaking engagements
  • Your Book as a series. What’s next?
  • Getting celebrity testimonials?
  • Hate to Write? Let’s speak the book
  • Best Internet and mobile applications for book writing
  • The rise of e-books
  • No capital. No problem with print-on-demand
  • Going Global
  • Avoiding common writing mistakes
  • Time to celebrate the 30 day journey

Well …. that was easy!

It took me all of 15 minutes to create the above list. I will probably make a few changes based on your feedback but now I have an overall outline of my book. If I get stuck I wont be able to blame, “Writers Block.”

What’s your plan to overcome any potential obstacles?

I trust you will seek a mentor, develop a plan and take daily action!

© 2011 Small Business Camp

  • http://www.facebook.com/shereavejauan Sherea VeJauan

    I’d like to see a resource list at the end of your book. You mention some great ones on your calls and videos. I think a lot of new writers need resources on how to find a team (i.e. graphic designers, editors, proof readers, book marketers, etc.) I believe that new self-publishers will buy your book for that info alone.

  • http://www.CherylIsaac.com Cheryl Isaac

    Love the environment part–Finding The Right Environment. To add to that, one thing that helped me is leaning to write from anywhere–with index cards, a notebook, laptop, Ipad, etc. Anything that works. Sometimes, the inspiration comes to you in the line at a grocery store. I would love to hear about your writing environment.

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