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How are you using the concept of “free” in your marketing strategy? I was inspired to write this article based on an email that I received in response to my offer to provide a “free” consultation to anyone who was interested in spending at least $200 on Facebook ads.

As I paraphrase, “Andrew, people only want free stuff. They don’t want to pay any money!,” came the reply.

She’s right! People do enjoy “free stuff.” Now, the key is to use the power of free to upsell your prospect into a paid program.


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Within 24 hours of sending my “free” offer, I was able to get several people who were willing to purchase other services. That’s not bad for spending 10-minutes to write an email and then hit the SEND button.

Effective marketing is a two-step process. You want to give your best prospects a sample of your product/service and then have the capacity to generate back-end sales.

Here are a few things to consider when using “the power of free:”

1. Offer value: Assign a dollar value to your offer. Make sure it relates to a pressing need. Remember, market to needs NOT wants!

2. Minimize your efforts: Use an auto-responder to email digital products or schedule a brief telephone coaching session.

3. Develop a sales script: Stop being scared to ask for money. By the conclusion of your free offer it’s critical that you suggest addittional services.

4. Seek share of wallet: Don’t stay stuck in what you do! Be open to learning new skills or partnering with other vendors. Most people know me as a business coach but I’ve made a nice profit developing websites.

5. Leverage the testimonial: Ask if you can share this experience with others. Word-of-month is advertising that you can’t buy!

What’s your free offer? I would love to hear it. Just make a post in this blog.

Let’s toast to FREE!

Expect the Best,

Andrew Morrison
Small Business Camp

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  • Nilda Thomas

    Free is POWERFUL!

    As an Internet Broker I give away “FREE” eCommerce Business Centers, Distribution Systems (AKA Online Shopping Mall) to help people in this economy save money and make money. The eCommerce Business Center is a private label solution allowing consumers to name their shopping mall and receive cash back from the merchant. The eCommerce Business Center offers retail, specialty products, services, financial services, travel and more! While there are other similar programs out there, our solution takes it a step further by also providing an additional revenue share of 30%!

    To give you an example – I was in the market to upgrade my phone from Verizon. I had been looking at the Incredible HTC with DRIOD Technology a $549 value. Verizon after discounts and rebates wanted to charge me $149.99….I went into my eCommerce Business Center chose Verizon extended my contract and the same phone was “FREE” and the Bluetooth was given to me for “FREE” as well a $50 value. I got $600 worth of technology for “FREE”! However, the best thing is that I received commission on the car charger and for extending my contract….my cost for shipping, car charger and protection plan $28!

    People can invite friends and family to shop on their site and receive cash back while the owner of the site receives 30%….it a Win Win situation!!

    There are add-ons to the “Free” one can take advantage off like getting a Broker’s License, Travel Agent Program, and the ZKit. Once people see the value of what they are getting and understand the tax advantages of these add-ons, it’s a no brainer.

    Our program gives people Hope and Opportunity during these tough economic times.We put people in business for themselves so they can do business with themselves.

    Visit us at: http://www.StartYourFreeBusinessToday.com
    Broker Opportunity: http://www.YourTotalBizOnline.com
    My Blog: http://www.NildaThomas.com

    If you would like a “FREE” web conference with me: 800-707-1883 x1

    Nilda G. Thomas, MBA/Business
    Certified eCommerce Consultant
    Certified eMarketing Analyst
    Certified Internet Child Safety Advocate
    Skype: nilda.thomas

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