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Maintaining a Winner’s Mindset

How do you stay positive in the midst of the greatest economic recession? Within the past 5 years, long-term unemployment has gone from 675,000 to 4.5 million people. The rise in bullying is a direct result of the economic turmoil that is found in many homes. Plus, the media shows constant images of poverty, strife, terrorism, murder and fear.

We need to take back control of our minds! On Sunday morning, I learned, “As a man or woman thinketh in their hearts, so will it be done unto them.”

Join me on the next episode of The 16 Week Challenge Web TV Show as we examine proven methods to maintain and enlarge the mindset of a winner.

Episode: Maintaining a Winner’s Mindset
Date: Monday, November 15th
Time: 7pm-8pm EST
Visit: www.16weekchallenge.com

Have ever wondered why some people can deal with setbacks and still hope for the best while others just stay defeated? The key is to realize that successful people are doing things that unsuccessful people fail to do.

Let me say that another way ….

Winners engage in daily practices that losers have forgotten.

One more time …

Winners engage in daily practices that losers have forgotten.

On a fundamental level, we know what it takes to be happy. But somehow, we have allowed the world to distract us from experiencing true joy.

Give some thought to applying the following practices in your daily walk:

1. Morning and evening rituals – What do you do first thing in the morning and before you retire at night? Imagine starting your day with a sense of positive expectation and closing your day with a spirit of gratitude.

2. Deal with the trigger – You don’t just get depressed in an instant. Something happened in your past that was not properly dealt with. Be in touch with your emotions and notice any shifts. Begin to immediately deal with anything that may bother you in the long-term.

3. Share your experience – Talk about it with someone who can listen and suspend judgment. The mere act of talking may remind you of a possible solution.

4. Seek the lesson – It’s never too late to have a perfect childhood. There’s a lesson in every setback. Be open to new ways of learning from your past.

5. Forgive and release the past – What’s done is done! Why are you driving through life by looking in the rear-view mirror. Forgiveness will unlock the potential that exists in this very moment.

6. Visualize a new you – Where do you see yourself in 16 weeks? Write it down in exquisite detail. You can only be what you see. Stat seeing more for yourself and family today.

7. Aerobic exercise – It’s a proven fact that 20-minutes of daily aerobic exercise has significant mental and physical benefits. Find a walking partner and let’s get going!

8. Surround yourself with support – Did you join www.16weekchallenge.com? I created it with you in mind. If you can’t join a mastermind group, then find a buddy or success partner and provide mutual support.

9. Speak life with affirmations – What were you saying to yourself 15-minutes ago? Be careful to use words that bring forward new possibilities. The tongue has the power of life and death. Choose life!

10. Music to Soothe the Soul – What’s your favorite song? What type of music lifts you up? Develop an inspirational play-list that motivates you to new heights.

11. Rejoice in the Truth and Deal with the Facts – The Truth is you are here on this planet for a very special purpose. The Facts are that you just lost your job and the rent is 3 months past due. Never allow temporary Facts to cloud your understanding of the Truth. Stand upon your truth and face the Facts without fear.

12. Connect, contribute and control – No man or woman is an island. Learn how to work with others. Find a team that values your contribution. Design activities you can control to see incremental progress.

13. Make your Vision Plain – Write it down! Share your goals with a few trusted friends, vendors and team members. Keep this vision before you. It will be your guide in times of trouble.

14. Detect and Correct Errors – Master Nigel Henry (http://masteryunleashed.com) helped me to realize that masters practice by rapidly detecting and correcting their errors. What changes do you have to make?

15. Appreciate the critic – Criticism is a wonderful thing! First of all it shows that they care. No one can ever criticize the real you. They are only making a commentary on your behavior. Balance input from the critics with praise from admirers and make your own decisions. Don’t get flustered. You are getting stronger!

16. Celebrate small victories – Stop to enjoy the journey. True transformation occurs on the yellow brick road. Take time to recognize even minor milestones.

17. Flow with Love – Don’t force it! Allow the wisdom and energy to come through you and not from you. Bask in love! Defend yourself in love Radiate in love! Only speak love! Then love will always return back to you.

That’s my top 17 list and I’m sticking to it! I would love to hear the things that you do to stay motivated or you can post a question in the comments section.

I look forward to connecting with you on the next episode of The 16 Week Challenge Web TV Show.

Expect the Best,

Andrew Morrison
Small Business Camp

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  • Robin Walton

    My motivation starts when God wakes me up each morning. I go into my room where there is only me and the Spirit of God. I pray for others and whatever situation is going on in life. I then sit quietly and allow the spirit of God to speak to me. I study the word of God and that in itself gives me my up lift of the day. If I should feel down, then I think about how things could be worst. I enjoy reading emails from positive people. I love to feel loved, and I love to make others feel better in a bad situation. Thanks for asking Andrew, and you have a great evening.

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