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Lessons Learned from 1st Episode of The 16 Week Challenge

NOTE: We will NOT host the networking party and taping at The Gates night club in NYC. The next episode on Monday, November 1st will be broadcast from a private location. We will return to a public venue in a few weeks. Stay tuned for more information.

Watch tonight’s show at 7pm EST on www.16weekchallenge.com and you could win a $10,000 marketing makeover.


Oh my gosh! Whoever first said, “Whatever could go wrong will go wrong!” possessed insight beyond ordinary comprehension! Wow! Did things go wrong!

First, let me say thanks to everyone who watched online, volunteered their time, attended the live taping or purchased a commercial. Also big thanks to my celebrity judges – Sabrina Lamb, Dee Marshall, Ryan Mack and Karen Hunter.

On the morning of our first show, I arose fairly early to get ready. As I am packing, uploading videos and sending last-minute e-mails – a little voice says to me, “Go for your morning run.”  I am sooo glad I listened. It’s  a proven fact that 20-minutes of daily aerobic exercise will release endorphins and help you manage your emotions during the day. On that day …I sure did need those endorphins.

Allow me to give you a quick run-down of the challenges I faced within 24-hours:

– Laptop Crash. Lost 4-hours of work
– Pimple break-out
– Fighting a cold
– Daughter stressed over school project
– Client underpaid invoice by thousands
– Firewire on video camera broken
– Volunteer yells at me
– Forgot to bring dress socks
– Power outage

And finally my best one … just two hours before the start of my show …. my car got towed! (Yup, I actually enjoy supporting the NYC budget. I hope that money goes toward parks and recreation.)

How would you deal with such  myriad of problems?

The reason I am being transparent with my issues is because you will face your own challenge. Remember, it’s not what happens to you but your response that makes all the difference in the world.

A few lessons I learned include

– Daily exercise
– Check-list
– Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse under performance conditions
– Don’t over react
– Stay the star
– Delegate but don’t abdicate
– Remember to breathe

I hope to see you during tonight’s webcast of the show. Please send a tweet or update your facebook status to say …

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Expect the Best,

Andrew Morrison
Small Business Camp

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  • CrystalClearConnextions


    Allow me to add 2 more things to your list-

    1. Stay in the moment! Don’t get caught up with what should have been done, just do something NOW.

    2. Have a Plan B. My mom always said to think of alternatives from the onset, because sometimes you have to improvise!

    Free Pearls of Wisdom from Crystal Clear Connextions LLC

  • http://www.cdtehsconsulting.com Cdtehsconsultingllc

    Just some words to encourage you. You got through the first “16 WC TV Show episode Challenge” LOL. Please I know you know not to look at all that went “wrong” in the “Natural”, you know you have to take it to the Spiritual level. That was all just the enemy mad as H**L because the 16 WC Network, TV Show, and Challenge and it’s participants are about to take off like a rocket (Space shuttle). So you needed some extra special fuel. I Loved Nigel Henry’s call last dealing with Negative Emotions as Gifts. I was blown away. WOW! How about your experiences were negative experiences as gifts because you will take what you learned as you perfect the process. Thank you for being so vulnerable and sharing some negative experiences and outcomes so that we may have lessons to draw from!!

    So as our leader you took a hit for the group, you were under attack because if the leader falters the enemy thinks we might all perish. Wrong!!! Not you!!!

    So bless you for your strength and endurance to run this race. I feel that anointing running from the head to the beard and down.

    I see money coming BIG..TIME!! This move and shift in the universe is powerful. I feel it. You are Kingdom Building. You are training new entrepreneurs, increasing wealth and facilitating the creation of better “Money Stewards”.. as well as “Lifestyle Stewards”. So on the positive note I did not see the negative, I enjoyed the first show..I saw the effort, I see what potential is there. I say celebrate the “Victory”! You completed the task!! All of that did not take you OUT!!!

    Congratulations on your Milestone!!! Show #1 under your belt!!

    I say great job with a learning curve for improvement!!!
    Blessings and Favor,


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