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Pitching Your Ideas to Investors

Last night’s Strategy Sunday call on raising capital was off the hook! (If I may say so myself). You can download the recording at http://smallbusinesscamp.com/products/raising-10000-in-10-days-audio-program/

I had double the number of callers with no extra marketing efforts. My call on “How to Raise $10,000 in 10 Days” generated a significant amount of interest. I had to cut the call short with several people on-hold seeking to ask questions.

You don’t have to be a marketing genius to realize that you should focus more attention on concepts that generate the highest amount of interest.

So … Guess what ….

Get ready for part 2 of this call where I want to give people a chance to pitch their ideas to me and a team of potential investors.

Topic: Pitching Your Ideas to Investors
Date: Sunday, October 3rd
Time: 9pm-10pm EST
Dial: 718-290-9983 pin 149924#

Come prepared with your 60-second pitch and a proposal for investors. You can learn how to write the proposal and get the recording of the first call at http://smallbusinesscamp.com/products/raising-10000-in-10-days-audio-program/

During the call entitled, “How to Raise $10,000 in 10 Days” I discussed the 4 key principles to raising cash fast – Person, Purpose, Proposal and Process.

1. Person – Are you ready to make the commitment to raise funds? Can you learn from rejection and still make 50 cold calls a day? Success requires you to shift your identity into sales. If this makes you nervous then recruit someone to set-up appointments.

2. Purpose – How do you plan to use these funds? Investors don’t want to pay-off past debts or purchase office furniture. Show how an investment in marketing/advertising will yield a return within 16 weeks.

3. Proposal – Thousands of dollars can be raised with a brief one to two page proposal. No need to spend three months writing a 40-page business plan. A few important elements include – Title, Concept, Background, Benefits, Timetable, Past Financials, Use of Funds, Suggested Terms, Bio and Contact.

4. Process – Are you willing to enter into a season where the vast majority of your time is spent speaking to investors? Technology can become your friends. Social media can be used to arrange conference calls with potential investors. A small ad in a business publication can also attract interest.

NOTE: Before you advertise any investment opportunities you should speak with a qualified attorney. I am NOT offering any legal advice. The state and federal government have rules that govern these activities.

You can obtain a copy of the call … “How to Raise $10,000 in 10 Days” at http://smallbusinesscamp.com/products/raising-10000-in-10-days-audio-program/


Tamara Hawkins of Stork and Cradle is today’s Client of the Day (COTD). Check out my comments and add your own about her marketing plan at http://www.facebook.com/notes/andrew-morrison/92710-tamara-hawkins-of-stork-and-cradle-client-of-the-day/440334648235

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