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Social Media for Busy Entrepreneurs Who Gotta Get Paid!

Last week’s email entitled, “Don’t Be Fooled by Social Media” struck a nerve with a number of my readers. I would love to hear your thoughts about this topic by posting a comment at the end of this blog.

I plan to continue the conversation on this week’s edition of Strategy Sundays. Feel free to invite your friends.

Topic: Social Media for Busy Entrepreneurs Who Gotta Get Paid!
Date: Sunday, June 27th
Time: 9pm-10pm EST
Dial: 718-290-9983 pin 149924#

If you are anything like me, you don’t have the time to just send out tweets and engage in witty FaceBook conversations. I’m talking to the people who are so busy pursuing their dreams that Farmville and Mafia Wars are interesting games that “other” people do!

I heard a speaker say, “If I can’t make a dollar then it does not make sense!” This is my mantra when it comes to Social Media. There are tons of experts who understand the social media tools but you need to be driving the strategy.

Social Media can help you to:
– Conduct research
– Create a product
– Establish your credibility with testimonials
– Connect with potential vendors, employees or investors
– Get featured in the news
– Build a database of qualified prospects
– Convert prospects into customers
– Make money quickly! (I like this one)

I plan to discuss the following Social Media rules on Sunday night:
1. Own your words online
2. Create user id’s that are benefit driven
3. Use an affiliate program to partner with others and attract followers
4. Understand why people are really paying you money
5. It’s all about list building
6. Automate! Automate! Automate!
7. Develop a sales letter
8. Create digital products
9. Serialized compelling content in 140 characters
10. Use video to influence and persuade
11. Collect massive testimonials
12. Mobility or else
13. Hire an expert!
14. Establish a customer tunnel
15. Good web design should lead to action
16. The need for momentum and urgency
17. Where’s the BUY button?
18. Who owns the intellectual property?
19. Social Media is the servant! You are the Master!

Go ahead and post your social media rules to this blog.

It’s going to be a great call. If you can’t make it then join the SBC Network to access the recording and several other information-packed calls at http://smallbusinesscamp.com/small-business-camp-network/

Expect the Best,

Andrew Morrison
Small Business Camp

P.S. I may be coming to an area near you this summer. Check out my list of upcoming events at

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  • Robin

    I missed the call on last Sunday, because I spent that time with my father, but I feel the same way about all those games. I ask people on my page not to include me in their game playing and if they continue to send me that junk, I delete them from my page. There are also relatives who are young and talk all kinds unnecessary things and put pictures on their page of themselves making offensive hand jesters, knowing that it can be seen by your aunt. They also are deleted. Some of these young people don't seem to understand that their next employer may be checking facebook to see what kind of character they have.

  • Profit Marketing Communcations

    Your message is so on point. Entrepreneurs who spend time social-media-lizing are not serious about making money. I can't wait to hear your Sunday Night Show… From one business pro to another I've had the same view for the longest.

    Laurana Edwards, President, Profit Marketing Communications

  • Charlotte

    Finally someone is addressing this…several business owners I know are suppose to use it for business, atracting clients, building their list,etc and they're on the the social media sites looking for dates…I look forward to hearing your call on Sunday

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