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Financing Your Dreams with $0 Down!

Over 225 people are holding themselves accountable to reach a BIG 16 week goal. You can still join us at http://www.16weekchallenge.com.

One of the biggest issues that people face is how to fund their 16 week goal. Where do you get the money? How do I write a proposal? What should I offer in return for the money?

Tonight at 7pm EST, I plan to answer these and more questions on a seminar-by-phone entitled, “Financing Your Dreams with $0 Down!” You can register at http://smallbusinesscamp.com/?page_id=269 to get the phone number.

Here are a few of the concepts that I will share:

1. Attitude is everything. I know times may be tough, but you have to develop a winning attitude. No one wants to invest in someone who sees themselves as a loser.

2. Be realistic. Have you generated a return for any investors in the past? If not, you want to set a small fund raising goal. And then use this success to go after more money in the future.

3. Who is on your team? People don’t like to invest in a one-person operation. Reach out to a few friends and see if you can add them to your management team.

4. Simple projects sell. Investors want to invest in project that will generate revenue ASAP. Select a project that you can easily manage and flawlessly execute. Book, special event, advertising program and website launch are all focused projects that can show a return.

5. Run the numbers. Come in with a clear understanding of your business model and revenue drivers. You should also be familiar with comparable financial ratios in your industry.

6. Keep Asking. A “No” should be followed with, “Do you know of anyone who would be interested?” Get mentally tough to ask 99 people before your first YES!

7. Get in the News. Investors like concepts that can generate free publicity which in-turn attracts new customers.

8. Use online and micro-lending organization. Project Enterprise in NYC and Virgin Money represents the new trend toward non-traditional lending.

9. Share a 1-page plan. You may still need the 30-page business plan but a one pager is often enough to see if this person is really interested in becoming an investor. Join http://smallbusinesscamp.com/?page_id=269 and I will share with you a sample proposal.

10. Celebrate your victory. Host a party to thank the individuals who made your success possible.

A recording will be available from the call tonight. Sign-up to gain access. I trust these tips will help you secure the funding to pursue their dreams.

Expect the Best,

Andrew Morrison
President, Small Business Camp

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