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Get Your Book Going in 3 Days!!

You Can Still Get Your Book Going!

I know you wanted to write a 250-page book in 30 days. I know some of you wanted to write 3 books in 30 days. Well, you discovered a thing called REALITY. How about getting your book going in 3 days?  You could simply focus on writing the first chapter.

Let me offer you a sure-fire way to reach all of your goals.  I have a proven method to reach every goal. Here comes a million dollar lesson.

Are you ready? Here it is ….

Be open to changing the goal!

I know that sounds to simple but it works! This is a confidence game. My sole purpose is to help increase your level of confidence.

Some have suggested that I give you more time to finish you book. The answer is …. (drum roll, please) …. NO!

Within the next 3 days, I would like you to release something. You are no longer in school. This is not your final term paper. Your book and writing will get better over time.

Billion dollar companies will do a pre-beta launch of product in order to get feedback and improve it over time.  If that concept works for them, then it will work for you as well.

In the next 3 days, you could complete the following ….

1. Book summary – Answer the questions – Who should read this book? What they will learn? How they will feel? How they will benefit? and for fiction books include an intriguing story line.  Go ahead and post your book summary on our FB group (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=186446007900).

2. Content – It’s okay if you only have one chapter completed. Save that as a PDF file and release it. You can offer a limited number of copies. These individuals become your focus group and early-champions. Their testimonials can be used in future editions.

3. Website – Don’t stress over not having the perfect blog or website. Just use http://www.eventbrite.com and http://docs.google.com/. You can place your sales copy in EventBrite page.  Make a PDF of your book (http://www.primopdf.com or http://www.freepdfconvert.com/). After uploading into Google Docs (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRqUE6IHTEA), you will receive a unique URL to allow others to download the book.  Place that custom URL in the confirmation e-mail and page within EventBrite.

4. Make it FREE – The most powerful concept on the planet is … “Give to Get.” With EventBrite.com you can create a ticket that’s limited to 50 free downloads. Give the book away, get some feedback, add more resources and you will be able to sell a more extensive copy to people who initially read the book for free. Read that sentence again! People have made millions with this idea.

5. The Cover – I understand the value of having a professional cover. If you don’t have the budget or the time to work with a designer then just make a cover, add some clip art and be done with it. Remember, for some of you this is a pre-beta launch.

Don’t stress over getting it right! Let’s just get it started! (Wow! That sounds good. Need to put that on a t-shirt)

I just gave you the no-cost way to release the first draft or a few chapters of your book.

You have 3 days! Let’s get to work!

Andrew “Make it Happen” Morrison
Small Business Camp

P.S. If you missed 8 hours of training on how to write your book in 30 days, you can get the audio files by selecting the PRODUCT tab on this website.  I also included a bonus file on intellectual property entitled, “Help, Someone May Steal My Idea.”

  • colajean

    Dear Andrew… I'm ready to go. I have several manuscripts somewhat ready. Now, Colajean – will get going… “Sainted Mothers, Tainted Lives” – the story of women and their struggle over four generations. “Suddenly Nocturnal” – a story of the onset of manic depression and learning to live with it “Patient as Consumer” – the attitude and responsibilty of patients in the world of doctors
    “Miss Ordinary” – my story and “Teacher! Teacher! You Taught Me!” These are only a few of what I've started and almost finsihed. I know you think I am 'crazy' but I am on the go… 1, 2, 3… Today is my daughter's birthday… and every major event in my life is marked by a significant day… So, today is indeed a big day for me… in more ways than one… What better gift to give me today – but this link!

  • halea

    Great post Andrew. I've been stalling on finishing my ebook and think your ideas are great. The pressure is finally lifting. I've shifted my plan to “get it started” and get some feedback for it. Thank you.

  • Lisa E Johnson

    Dear Andrew… Thanks for the summary tips and the cover page suggestion . I needed to ask myself who will be benefiting from my recipe book most. I love my students that I teach most in Home Economics, but I do see that need for single parents like myself to have the advantage of using my favorite recipes. The recipes in my book are those that I used as a single parent when I had to prepare the hot delicious meals for my children. I am ready to continue my writing……..”Beths Manna” double flavour in every meal.

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