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Billions Available in Grants

Big thanks to Rebecca Shanks for sharing this information with me.  Don’t worry if you miss the deadline. Join the e-mail list of the funding organization and get ready for the next deadline.

January 15 – Indigenous Contemporary Arts Programs, NATIONAL MUSEUM OF THE AMERICAN INDIAN http://www.americanindian.si.edu/icap/ Kathleen Ash-Milby ashmilbyk@si.edu Exhibitions & Publications Program – grants from $7.5K -$15K (with 50% match) for nonprofit or education-based organizations to support exhibitions, installations, publications, & critical writing that interpret & present the work of contemporary Native visual artists to the public & encourage dialogue & critical commentary. At least one-half of the proposed project team (artists, authors, curators, etc.) must be Native American or Native Hawaiian. Expressive Arts Program – grants to $10K to support the creation/presentation of new works for public performance through the collaboration of 2 or more Native artists in music, dance, spoken word, electronic media, costume design, mask making, set design, performance art, photography, painting, and other forms of expressive culture. The award is open to all indigenous peoples who hold citizenship in the Americas. *

January 15 – First Book Grant Program for Minority Scholars, LOUISVILLE INSTITUTE http://www.louisville-institute.org/Grants/Programs/fbmdetail.aspx 502-992-5432 Grants to $40K to assist junior, non-tenured religion scholars of color to complete a major research & book project focusing on some issue pertaining to American Christianity that is also related to the priorities of the Louisville Institute. The program seeks to enable scholars to spend an entire academic year devoted to that research project while free of other professional responsibilities. *

January 15 – Champions for Healthy Kids Grant Program, GENERAL MILLS FOUNDATION www.generalmills.com/corpo

rate/commitment/champions.aspx Beth Labrador 800-877-1600 X4821 Fifty $10K grants for nonprofits, health departments, government agencies, schools & Native American tribes that develop creative ways to help youth adopt a balanced diet and physically active lifestyle.January 15 – Community Action, AAUW (formerly known as the American Association of University Women) http://www.aauw.org/education/fga/fellowships_grants/index.cfm 319-337-1716 X60 Grants to $10K for individuals, AAUW branches/state organizations, as well as local community-based nonprofit organizations for innovative programs or non-degree research projects that promote education & equity for women & girls.

January 15, & May 15 – Grants for Nonprofits, HAVE IT YOUR WAY FOUNDATION http://www.bk.com/companyinfo/community/hiywfoundation.aspx Fax 305-378-7868 Grants for improving education, alleviating hunger, preventing disease & youth programs.

January 15 – Youth Service Mini-Grants, PAY IT FORWARD FOUNDATION http://payitforwardfoundation.org/educators/grant.html Grants to $500 for one-time-only service oriented projects identified by youth as activities they would like to perform to benefit their school neighborhood, or greater community.

January 15 – Assets for Independence Demonstration Program, US ADMINISTRATION FOR CHILDREN & FAMILIES James Gatz 202-401-5284 http://www.acf.hhs.gov/grants/open/HHS-2008-ACF-OCS-EI-0053.html $19M in grants to $1M w/average of $350 (50/50 match required) to provide an array of supports/services to enable individuals/families with low incomes to become economically self-sufficient for the long-term. Participants are given access to special matched savings accounts called Individual Development Accounts (IDA), in which participants save earned income for the purchase of a home, for business capitalization, or to attend higher education or training.

January 15 & August 15 – (Letter of Inquiry) Health Program, NATHAN CUMMINGS FOUNDATION http://www.nathancummings.org/programs/index.html 212-787-7300/Fax-7377 Grants to $250K to ensure that all people in the US have access to high quality & affordable health care & live in a healthy environment. Primary objectives include: 1) Health Access; Environmental Health; & 3) Capacity Building.

January 18 –Tapestry Program Annual Science Grant Competition, TOYOTA http://www.nsta.org/pd/tapestry/ $550K for 50 grants of $10K & 20 minigrants to K-12 teachers for innovative science projects that enhance science education in their school and/or district over a one-year period.*

January 19 – Offender Reentry Program: (ORP), US SUBSTANCE ABUSE & MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES ADMINISTRATION www.samhsa.gov/Grants/2010/TI-10-006.aspx William Reyes william.reyes@samhsa.hhs.gov / 240-276-1406 Anticipated $13M in grants to $400K annually for up to 3 years to expand and/or enhance substance abuse treatment & related recovery & reentry services to sentenced juvenile & adult offenders returning to the community from incarceration for criminal/juvenile offenses.

January 28 & May 20 – 2010 Special Projects Fund (Replacing Special opportunities Grants), NEW YORK STATE HEALTH FOUNDATION 212-664-7656/Fax 646-421-6029 http://nyshealthfoundation.org/section/funding/2010_special_projects_fund Grants to $1M averaging $250K for one-time, non-renewable funding opportunities outside of the Foundation’s priority areas of expanding health insurance coverage, improving the management/prevention of diabetes, & encouraging the integration of substance use & mental health services, but working toward their broad mission of improving the health of NYS residents.

January 29 – Coming Up Taller Awards, PRESIDENT’S COMMITTEE ON THE ARTS & THE HUMANITIES http://www.pcah.gov/cut.htm 202-682-5409 $10K award to recognize & support outstanding community arts & humanities programs that celebrate the creativity of America’s young people & provide them with learning opportunities & chances to contribute to their communities.

January 29 – Summer Leadership Program for African American Male College Sophomores, INSTITUTE FOR RESPONSIBLE CITIZENSHIP www.i4rc.org/application.htm 202-659‐2831. Paid Internship from June 5 to July 31, 2010 in Washington, DC.

January 29 – Summer Education Grants, FUND FOR TEACHERS http://www.fundforteachers.org/ $5K grants for educators to design and submit proposals for their own educational adventures next summer. Eligible projects include tours, conferences, & independent studies anywhere in the world.*

January 30 – 2010 Competition for Music Composition & Visual Arts Fellowships, CINTAS FOUNDATION http://www.cintasfoundation.org/ Fellowships of $10K to acknowledge creative accomplishments & encourage excellence by artists of Cuban lineage who reside outside of Cuba. Eligibility is limited to artists of Cuban citizenship or direct descent (having a Cuban parent or grandparent).

January 1-31 & June 1-30 (Periods when letters of intent will be accepted.) – BROOKLYN COMMUNITY FOUNDATION (BCF – formerly the Independence Community Foundation) http://www.brooklyncommunityfoundation.org/ Stuart Post 718-246-6883 or spost@icfny.org The brand new, first & only community foundation devoted exclusively to the people of Brooklyn was founded on October 1, 2009 to strengthen communities through local giving, grantmaking & community service through the following Fields of Interest:

– Arts for All
– Caring Neighbors
– Community Development
– Education and Youth Achievement
– Green Communities

Grants will generally be under $25K. BCF will accept only online applications, applicants will provide additional details about the proposed project or program in the Letter of Inquiry (LOI) stage, must select a Field of Interest Fund, and have 30 days to write their full proposal upon acceptance of their LOI. Micro-Grants will still be available for $500 or less, & accepted all year around.

February 1 – 2010 Annual Award, COMMUNITY-CAMPUS PARTNERSHIPS FOR HEALTH http://www.ccph.info/ 206-666-3406 Recognizes exemplary partnerships between communities & higher educational institutions that build on each other’s strengths to improve higher education, civic engagement, & the overall health of communities. Partnerships must nominate themselves & need not be members.

February 1 – 2010 GBC Awards for Excellence in Business Action on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis & Malaria, GLOBAL BUSINESS COALITION (GBC) www.gbcimpact.org/awards Casey Levine-Beard awards@gbcimpact.org or 212-584-1651 Awards for business programs (addressing one or more of the diseases) in 6 categories: Workplace, Community Investment, Core Competence, Women & Girls, Performance Measurement & Partnership & Collective Action. There is a $350 fee for non-members who wish to apply.

February 1 – Fellowship Program in Nonprofit Management, ISLAMIC SOCIETY OF NORTH AMERICA Nida Saleem fellowship@isna.net /317-839-8157 www.isna.net/events/Special-Announcement/HRH-Prince-Alwaleed-Bin-Talal-ISNA-Fellowship-Program.aspx Ten Muslim graduate students will receive $11K per year for tuition & a stipend of $1K per month for 9 months to study nonprofit management, fundraising, capacity development, & other relevant subjects at the Indiana University Center on Philanthropy or similar institutions of higher education & centers of philanthropic studies. Fellows also serve as interns in the summer or on a part-time basis during the school year with the Islamic Society of North America or another nonprofit organization.

February 1 & August 1 – BARKER WELFARE FOUNDATION www.barkerwelfare.org/ 516-759-5592/Fax-5497 Grant more than $2M annually primarily to non-profits providing services to youth, families & local cultural institutions in the 5 boroughs. Letter of intent or call before preparing full proposal.

February 1 (Letter of inquiry) – Grants for Children, THE MOCKINGBIRD FOUNDATION (PHISH) www.mockingbirdfoundation.org/funding/guidelines.html One-time grants to $5K for schools & nonprofits for music education particularly for disenfranchised groups.

February 2 – Big Read Program Offers Grants to Support Community Reading Projects, NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE ARTS & ARTS MIDWEST 612-238-8010/ thebigread@artsmidwest.org http://neabigread.org/application_process.php Approximately 75 grants to $20K (with 1 to 1 match) & access to online training resources, educational & promotional materials, inclusion of the organization & activities on the Big Read Web site for nonprofits to conduct month-long community-wide reads between September 2010 & June 2011. *

February 3 – Creating Healthy Places To Live, Work & Play, NYS DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH www.health.state.ny.us/funding/rfa/0809170456/index.htm Susan Millstein 518-408-5142/ slm11@health.state.ny.us $4.3M in NYS (one each grant of $225K for Brooklyn, Staten Island, & Queens with additional/optional $75K for worksite implementation) to establish programs to prevent obesity, type 2 diabetes & other chronic diseases through the implementation of sustainable policy, systems and environmental changes in communities where people live, work & play.

February 5 – Character Education Grant Program, SPRINT FOUNDATION

www.sprint.com/responsibility/education/character/index.html?id8=vanity:educationgrants Grants to $5K for individual schools, & to $25K for school districts to purchase resources that facilitate & encourage character education among K-12 students.

February 5 – New Scholarship Program for Immigrant Families, WESTERN UNION FOUNDATION http://foundation.westernunion.com/ourProgramsScholarships.html 303-837-0788 Up to $5K per family to be used for tuition for college/university education language acquisition classes, technical/skill training, and/or financial literacy. *

February 5 – Music Matters, MUZAK HEART & SOUL FOUNDATION 800-331-3340 X10512 803-396-3512 http://heart.muzak.com/what/grants.aspx Grants to $12K for schools & nonprofits – which already employ a vocal or instrumental music educator – for program needs in particular for programs serving a minimum of 70 percent low-income students. *

February 5 – Wellstone Fellowship for Social Justice, FAMILIES USA Melissa Rosenblatt at 202-628-3030 www.familiesusa.org/fellowships/wellstone-fellowship.html One individual will be chosen to serve from August 2010 to July 2011 in Washington, DC receiving a salary of $38K plus benefits. The fellowship goals are to: 1) To address disparities in access to health care; 2) To inspire Fellows to continue to work for social justice throughout their lives; & 3)To increase the number & racial/ethnic diversity of up-and-coming social justice advocates/leaders.

February 10 (by 2pm) – Out-of-School Youth (OSY) Workforce Development Programs, NYC DEPARTMENT OF YOUTH & COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT www.nyc.gov/html/dycd/html/resources/contracting_opportunities_osy_workforce.shtml Nearly $14M per year for up to 6 years for anticipated 25 contracts cost per participant to $10K each to provide youth with the skills necessary to build a successful career. A pre-proposal conference will be held on January 15th.

February 10 – Projects to Deliver Peer-to-Peer Recovery Support Services (Recovery Community Services Program [RCSP]), SUBSTANCE ABUSE & MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES ADMINISTRATION www.samhsa.gov/Grants/2010/TI-10-010.aspx William Reyes 240-276-1406 Anticipated $2.2M for 6 grants to $350K for up to 4 years to help prevent relapse & promote sustained recovery from alcohol & drug use disorders.

February 10 – Public Education Efforts to Increase Solid Organ Donation, US HEALTH RESOURCES & SERVICES ADMINISTRATION Rita Maldonado 301-443-3622 https://grants.hrsa.gov/webExternal/SFO.asp?ID=236C2AD1-0BDC-4006-BA37-AB91E96187EA $1M in grants to $200K to support the implementation of public education/ outreach programs that show promise in increasing organ donation.

February 11 (Letter of intent requested by January 11) – Disparities Research & Education Advancing Mission (DREAM) Career Transition Award (K22), NATIONAL CENTER ON MINORITY HEALTH & HEALTH DISPARITIES http://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/rfa-files/RFA-MD-10-001.html Prabha Atreya 301-594-8696/Fax 301-480-4049/ atreyapr@mail.nih.gov Anticipated $1M for 5 grants to $200K for 2 years to facilitate the transition of early stage investigators working in health disparities or areas that address health disparity conditions and populations from the mentored stage of career development to the independent stage of investigator-initiated health disparities research. The award may also include a follow-on period of up to 3 years of salary & mentored research support at the candidates current institution or organization or an academic or research grantee institution of the candidate’s choice.

February 11 – Community Reinvestment Program, NYS OFFICE OF CHILDREN & FAMILY SERVICES https://ocfsws.ocfs.state.ny.us/obl/index.asp?menu=28&grantid=298 Theresa Portelli 518-474-1308/ CRPRFP@ocfs.state.ny.us $4M for 7 grants to $700K for up to 4 years for the development of a program to provide an alternative to detention & residential placement for youth (ages 11-15) who have been arrested or are in police custody residing in high risk communities in NYC, Long Island & Monroe county. Bidders Conference on January 29th at 80 Maiden Lane Rooms 2349/2350 2449/2450 in Manhattan – must register to attend by January 15.

February 12 – 2010 LGBT Scholarships, POINT FOUNDATION www.pointfoundation.org/instructions.html Scholarships to $33K for students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs with demonstrated academic excellence, leadership skills, community involvement, and financial need. Particular attention is paid to students who have lost the financial and social support of their families and/or communities as a result of revealing their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.*

Next deadline February 15 – National Grant Program, BROADWAY CARES/EQUITY FIGHTS AIDS www.broadwaycares.org Brian O’Donnell odonnell@bcefa.org 212-840-0770 X226/Fax 212-840-0551 While in the process of reviewing their grant programs, “and in light of their current financial position,” BC/EFA will only accept applications from previous grantees which may receive only one award per year. Currently, three annual programs: 1) Deadline:

February 15, 2010 – Nationally-Recognized Service & Public Policy Grants from $10K-25K for a small subset of nationally recognized AIDS service organizations (with budgets over $12M) as well as a number of organizations doing advocacy & public policy work; 2) Deadline May 17, 2010 for Emergency Assistance Programs; Direct Services; Substance Abuse & Harm Reduction Services, & Quality of Life Programs Grants to $7.5K, and 3) Last previous deadline December 15, 2009 – Food Service Programs – grants $5K-$25K.

February 15 – New Music Performance Fund, Meet the Composer, MARY FLAGLER CARY CHARITABLE TRUST http://www.meetthecomposer.org/node/1351 212-645-6949 Grants to $10K to support new music activity by small-budget (under $600K annual budget), grassroots, & emerging organizations whose opportunities for composers are a valuable contribution to the total arts community. *

February 15- Public Health Prevention Service Fellowship, US CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL & PREVENTION www.cdc.gov/PHPS/ 404-498-6120 Paid 3-year training & service fellowship for master’s level public health professionals focusing on public health program management. Fellowship provides experience in program planning, implementation, & evaluation through specialized hands-on training & mentorship at the CDC & in state & local health agencies.

February 15 & August 15 – OPEN MEADOWS FOUNDATION www.openmeadows.org/ 718-885-0969 Grants to $2K for projects that are designed & implemented by women/girls who have limited financial access & reflect the cultural/ethnic diversity of our society. Applicant agencies must have annual budgets less than $150K.

February 15 & September 15 – HYDE & WATSON FOUNDATION 908-753-3700/Fax-0004 http://foundationcenter.org/grantmaker/hydeandwatson/guide.html Grants of $5-$25K for capital projects in NY & NJ such as hard costs related to purchase or relocation of facilities and/or building improvements, purchase of capital equipment, limited medical research, & other one-time capital needs. Broad fields of focus include education, social services, arts, health, religion, & humanities.

February 16 –Projects to Deliver Peer-to-Peer Recovery Support Services, US SUBSTANCE ABUSE & MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES ADMINISTRATION Marsha Baker 240-276-1566 or marsha.baker@samhsa.hhs.gov www.samhsa.gov/grants/2010/ti-10-010.aspx $2.2M annually for up to 4 years for in grants to $350K for 3 RCOs – recovery community organizations & 3 FOs – facilitating organizations.

February 16 & October 16 – Building System Capacity for Implementing Evidence-Based Practices in Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention (R34), NATIONAL INSTITUTE ON DRUG ABUSE Lori Ducharme 301-443-2279 http://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/pa-files/PA-09-105.html Grants to $225K for 1st year & no more than $450K over 3 years to facilitate research on the adoption, implementation, & sustainability of evidence-based clinical treatment practices, prevention approaches, & business practices in community-based service delivery settings. It is intended to foster collaboration between service providers & entities that directly influence their capacity to deliver such practices, including Single State Agencies, other funders, licensing & regulatory bodies, referral sources, educational entities, & other social services agencies that interact with the treatment and prevention systems. Applications are encouraged that will advance the field of implementation science while simultaneously building the capacity of systems & service providers to conduct process improvement research. The overarching goal of this initiative is to enhance the quality of drug abuse prevention and treatment services through the implementation of evidence-based practices in ways that are likely to have replicable, sustainable, systemic impacts.

February 22 – Get Ur Good On, MILEY CYRUS & YOUTH SERVICE AMERICA http://www.ysa.org/grants/announcements/get-ur-good-grants-launched 100 grants of $500 for youth (5 to 25) from around the world to support projects that address critical community issues such as poverty, education, & environmental sustainability. *

February 22, April 20, June 21, August 20, October 20, December, 20; In 2011: February 22, April 20, June 21, August 22, October 20, December 20; In 2012: February 21, April 20, June 20, August 20, & October 22 – Small Grant Program for Conference Support, AGENCY FOR HEALTHCARE RESEARCH & QUALITY (AHRQ) http://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/pa-files/PA-09-231.html 40 grants to $50K available to support conferences that help to further the AHRQ mission to improve the quality, safety, efficiency, & effectiveness of health care for all Americans. Eligible for support are conferences for Research development; Research design & methodology; Dissemination & implementation; and/or Research training, infrastructure & career development. AHRQ is especially interested in supporting conferences that demonstrate strategies that include plans for disseminating complimentary conference materials & products beyond the participants attending the event.

February 24 – Ethnic Community Self-Help Grant – US OFFICE OF REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT (ORR) http://www.acf.hhs.gov/grants/open/HHS-2008-ACF-ORR-RE-0117.html Between 3-8 grants to $125K to connect newcomer refugees & their communities with resources.

February 24 – Supplemental Services for Recently Arrived Refugees Grant, US OFFICE OF REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT www.acf.hhs.gov/grants/open/HHS-2008-ACF-ORR-RU-0113.html Susan Benjamin 202-401-4851 Susan.Benjamin@acf.hhs.gov $4.8M for up to 22 grants of $500K for services to arriving refugees or sudden & unexpected large secondary migration of refugees where communities are not sufficiently prepared in terms of linguistic or culturally appropriate services.

February 28 – Literacy & Education, Bear Hugs Foundation, BUILD A BEAR WORKSHOP www.buildabear.com/aboutus/community/grants/ Grants to $10K averaging $2,500 to provide support for children in literacy/education programs such as summer reading, early childhood education, & literacy for children with special needs.

March 1, July 1, & November 15 – Building Healthy Communities Grant Program, HOME DEPOT FOUNDATION http://corporate.homedepot.com/wps/portal/Grants $2.5K gift cards for nonprofits, public schools or tax-exempt public service agencies using volunteers to improve the physical health of their community to purchase tools or materials.

March 1, July 1 & November 1 – NEW YORK FOUNDATION 212-594-8009 www.nyf.org In 2006 gave nearly $4.5M in grants to $50K for 3-5 years to CBOs doing advocacy/ community organizing including start-up grants to new, untested programs with few sources of support; Grants to established institutions for new projects with a high probability of ongoing support in the future; & General support to organizations that meet their guidelines. Excellent TA provided.

March 1 (Letter of inquiry) – Health Clinic Opportunity Fund, Caring Communities, KRESGE FOUNDATION www.kresge.org/index.php/what/caring_communities/#fund 248-643-9630 Up to 20 grants to $150K per year for 2 years to help charitably funded clinics, public health clinics, & those designated federally qualified health center look-alikes sustain or increase their capacity to meet growing demand for their services. Federally qualified health centers are not eligible to apply.

March 1 – 2010 Family Planning Services Announcement (Region 2 – New York State, Puerto Rico), US OFFICE OF PUBLIC HEALTH & SCIENCE Renee Scales 240-453-8822 www.grantsolutions.gov/gs/preaward/previewPublicAnnouncement.do?id=10456 $10.5M for NYS available to establish/operate voluntary family planning services projects, which shall provide family planning services to all persons desiring such services, with priority for services to persons from low-income families. Family planning services include clinical family planning and related preventive health services; information, education, and counseling related to family planning; and, referral services as indicated.*

March 1– Skateparks, TONY HAWK FOUNDATION 760-477-2479 www.tonyhawkfoundation.org/ Grants to $25K to build skateparks in low-income areas. *

March 1 – Awards for Community & Youth Gardens, MANTIS GARDEN TOOLS http://www.kidsgardening.com/grants/mantis-criteria.asp 25 nonprofit organizations receive a tiller/ cultivator with border/edger & kickstand, and their choice of gas-powered 2-cycle engine or electric motor with a value of $349.

March 5 – Purpose Prize, CIVIC VENTURES http://www.purposeprize.org/index.cfm Alexandra Cespedes Kent 415-222-7486 Five $100K grants for social innovators age 60 or older working to address society’s biggest challenges.

March 13, & June 15 & September 15 – Affiliate Community Grants Program , M·A·C AIDS FUND http://www.macaidsfund.org/support/grantprogram.html 212 965-6300/Fax 646 613-6674 Grants to $50K for direct services for individuals living with HIV/AIDS, programs addressing the link between poverty & HIV/AIDS, & HIV prevention. Our goal is to support programs & services that enable individuals to live as independently & fully as possible.

March 14 & Fall – CITIZENS COMMITTEE www.citizensnyc.org/grants.html Saleen Shah or Arif Ullah 212-822-9580 New Yorkers for Better Neighborhoods Awards: Grants to $3K for volunteer-led projects by grassroots community groups in economically under-resourced neighborhoods that improve & strengthen communities, & that involve neighbors in a meaningful way. Mollie Parnis Dress up Your School Awards: Grants to $3K to support student led projects that beautify schools or neighborhoods immediately surrounding schools.

March 15, June 15, September 15, & December 15 – Seed Grant Program, All Roads Film Project, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC http://events.nationalgeographic.com/events/all-roads/seed-grants/ Up to 16 grants annually to $10K for indigenous & underrepresented minority-culture filmmakers as well as filmmakers who can demonstrate that they have been designated by indigenous or minority communities to tell their story. *


www.apa.org/apf/grantguide.html Kim Palmer Rowsome 202-336-5622/ krowsome@apa.org

One-year seed grants to $20K for innovative research, education, & intervention programs that use psychology to solve social problems in the following priority areas: 1) Understanding/fostering the connection between mental & physical health to ensure well-being; 2) Reducing stigma/ prejudice to promote unity & harmony; 3) Understanding/preventing violence to create a safer, more humane world; and 4) Supporting programs that address the long-term psychological needs of individuals & communities in the aftermath of disaster. Additionally, a $10K Raymond A. & Rosalee G. Weiss Innovative Research & Programs Grant is also available.

March 15 – Energy Conservation Study American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Program, NYS ENERGY RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY Ben Fox 518-862-1090 X3444 http://www.nyserda.org/funding/0004Announcement.pdf Grants for the lesser of $30K or 100% of the cost of the study, or 25% of the annual energy cost of studied buildings (electricity, heating fuel), or vehicle fleets (vehicle fuel) for nonprofits to complete Energy Conservation Studies, which can be used to support applications to upcoming project implementation funding opportunities.

March 16 – COLOMBE FOUNDATION Dini Merz 203-439-0076 http://www.proteusfund.org/programs/colombe-foundation/guidelines Grants to support the elimination of weapons of mass destruction, foreign policy that is balanced with diplomacy & prevention rather than dominated by war and aggression, & a shift from military spending to investments in programs that create real national security including environmental protection, alternative energy, education, & human services. *

March 31, June 30, September 30, & December 31 – Youth Athletic Program Grants, FINISH LINE FOUNDATION http://www.finishline.com/store/youthfoundation/guidelines.jsp Grants to $5K for organizations focusing on youth athletic programs, specifically, CBOs that address active lifestyles & team building skills for disadvantaged & special needs children.

March 31 – 2010 Tech Awards Nominations, TECH MUSEUM OF INNOVATION 408-795-6219 http://techawards.thetech.org/nominate/ Three laureates in each of 5 categories receive $50K to inspire global engagement in applying technology to humanity’s most pressing problems. Categories include health, education, environment, economic development, & equality & awards are available to individuals, organizations, & companies including for-profits from around the world. *

April 1 & October 1 (Letter of intent) – PAUL RAPOPORT FOUNDATION 212- 888-6578 www.foundationcenter.org/grantmaker/rapoport/guide.html Grants from $50K-$500K, and “For its final years of grantmaking the focus will be on three populations of low or no income: 1) transgender communities of color; 2) LGTBQ youth of color, ages 24 & under; & 3) LGTB seniors of color aged 60 & over giving priority to organizations/grant applications that meet our goals for achieving racial & economic equity within the LGTB community, that is, to those organizations and programs that serve a minimum of 50% LGTBQ people of color; & who can demonstrate that the composition of the organization’s board & staff strives to reflect these communities in similar proportion. The Foundation will no longer fund start up organizations & requests that applicants speak with a staff member about their proposed request before submitting a letter of intent.

April 1 – Community Service Grants, AMERICAN MASSAGE THERAPY ASSOCIATION FOUNDATION www.massagetherapyfoundation.org/grants_community.html Alison Pittas 847-869-5019 X167/apittas@massagetherapyfoundation.org Grants to $5K to provide massage therapy to communities or groups who currently have little or no access to such services.

April 1 (Letter of intent requested by March 2) – Seek, Test, & Treat: Addressing HIV in the Criminal Justice System (R01), US NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH http://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/rfa-files/RFA-DA-10-017.html David Burns 301-435-8896/Fax 301-496-8530 Grants to $500K annually for up to 5 years to reach out to high risk, hard to reach groups who have not been recently tested (seek), engaging them in HIV testing (test), & initiating, monitoring, & maintaining HAART for those testing positive (treat). Researchers are encouraged to develop, implement, & test strategies to increase HIV testing & the provision of HAART to HIV seropositive individuals involved with the criminal justice system, with particular focus on continuity of HAART during & after community re-entry following incarceration.

April 12 – Shade Structure Program, AMERICAN ACADEMY OF DERMATOLOGY www.aad.org/public/sun/grants.html Grants of $8K for the purchase of permanent shade structures designed to provide shade & ultraviolet (UV) ray protection for outdoor areas in schools or other nonprofits.

April 12 & August 12 – Grant Program for Large or Recurring Conferences (R13) US AGENCY FOR HEALTHCARE RESEARCH & QUALITY Linda Franklin 301-427-1904/Fax-1562 http://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/pa-files/PAR-09-257.html#SectionIV Grants to $100K over 3 years to support conferences that help to improve the quality, safety, efficiency, & effectiveness of health care for all Americans including: 1) Research development – conferences where issues or challenges in the practice & delivery of health care are defined and a research agenda or strategy for studying them is developed; 2) Research design & methodology – conferences where methodological & technical issues of major importance to the field of health services research are addressed or new honors individuals who have made significant efforts to promote the full inclusion of youth with disabilities in society. The focus of the efforts may include, but is not limited to, helping to create a culture of inclusion within an organization or community or developing innovative strategies for inclusive programming in school activities, after-school programs, community service, and leadership development.

April 30 – Pierre Toussaint Essay Contest, HAITIAN MEMORIAL FOUNDATION http://haitianmemorialfoundation.org/docs/PTWritingContest.pdf 914-751-3303/Fax-3304 Three prizes totaling $2K for essays to 1,500 words written by high school students in French or English evoking a solid understanding & appreciation of Toussaint & his achievements.*

April 30 – Unsung Heroes ®, ING 507-931-1682/800-537-4180/ ing@scholarshipamerica.org www.ingusa.com/us/aboutING/CorporateCitizenship/Education/INGUnsungHeroes/index.htm Three K-12 educators will receive awards from $25K-$5K & 100 will receive $2K for utilizing new teaching methods/ techniques that improve learning.*

May 7 & January 7 – Meetings, Conferences, & Networks for Research Partnerships to Improve Functional Outcomes, NATIONAL INSTIUTES OF HEALTH Michael Weinrich 301- 402-4201/Fax-0832 http://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/pa-files/PAR-08-207.html Conference grant (R13/U13) for meeting & networks that facilitate interdisciplinary research partnerships among investigators – creating opportunities for forming strong & effective multi-disciplinary scientific teams to address basic, translational, or clinical research problems in rehabilitation or management of chronic disease, including mental disorders.

May 15 – Anna Lalor Burdick Program, LALOR FOUNDATION 617-426-7080/Fax-7087 http://www.lalorfound.org/albguidelines.html Grants to $50K to educate young women about human reproduction in order to broaden & enhance their options in life. *


ALLSTATE FOUNDATION http://www.allstate.com/foundation/funding-guidelines.aspx Grants for national & local programs for: 1) Safe & vital communities; 2) Economic empowerment; & 3) Tolerance, inclusion & diversity.

Pets & Women’s Shelters Program (PAWS), AMERICA HUMANE 703-836-PETS http://www.americanhumane.org/human-animal-bond/programs/pets-and-womens-shelters/ Technical assistance & grants to encourage domestic & family violence emergency housing shelters allow residents to bring their pets with them. *

Caring Attitudes, ARTHUR VINING DAVIS FOUNDATIONS Dr. Jonathan Howe 904-359-0670 http://wwwavdfdn.org/programs-healthcare.htm Grants to $200K for efforts to encourage caring attitudes in the delivery of patient care. Projects should have the potential for widespread practical application & be of interest to other groups.

Letter of Interest, BEN & JERRY’S FOUNDATION 802-846-1543 X7485 www.benjerry.com/company/foundation/success-stories/ Generally give $1.1M annually in grants to $15K for grassroots organizations fomenting progressive social change by addressing the underlying conditions of societal or environmental problems.

Community Grants Program, BRISTOL MEYERS SQUIBB http://www.bms.com/responsibility/building_our_communities/apply_for_community_grants/Pages/default.aspx Grants for programs/ organizations that improve public health, help children succeed in school, and assist people in communities where employees live & work – in particular, to address unmet medical needs, reduce health disparities, improve education in schools & provide essential services to people in need through community programs.

Healthy Living Grant (Letter of Inquiry) CHARLES LAFITTE FOUNDATION http://www.charleslafitte.org/applications.html Small foundation supporting innovative & effective ways for people to help themselves & others around them lead healthy & satisfying lives with in the areas of education, youth advocacy, & medical research.

CIGNA Community Grant, THE CIGNA FOUNDATION http://www.cigna.com/about_us/community/grant_application_details.html
Grants to projects that focus their efforts on priority areas including: 1) the health of women, children & families, 2) obesity awareness & prevention, 3) patient/doctor communications & health literacy, 4) elimination of gender & ethnic disparities with health care, & 5) maintenance of healthy minds/bodies.

Charitable Grants, CITIZENS BANK GRANT FOUNDATION http://www.citizensbank.com/community/corporate/grants.aspx Grants to 1) promote affordable housing; 2) encourage the development of innovative responses to basic human needs; 3) encourage community-based services targeted to low & moderate-income families & individuals; and 4) promote new ways to address issues of economic self-sufficiency.

Children Welfare Grant Program, HECKSCHER FOUNDATION FOR CHILDREN www.heckscherfoundation.org/guidelines/grant_guidelines/index.html 212-744-0190/Fax-2761 Grants for program support, capacity-building, capital projects & general operating support.

Monthly on the 15th – Helping Hands Fund, ALL STARS HELPING KIDS http://adjix.com/ir5d Grants to $3.5K to promote a safe, healthy & rigorous learning environment for disadvantaged children in low-income communities.

JEROME ROBBINS FOUNDATION http://jeromerobbins.org/ Christopher Pennington 212-367-8956 AIDS-related programs that address the basic adult necessities of life including medication, direct care, shelter, food, & employment training.

Giving, JP MORGAN CHASE www.jpmorganchase.com/cm/cs?pagename=Chase/Href&urlname=jpmc/community/grants Contacts for: Manhattan (South of 96th Street) – Jenny Low jenny.low@chase.com; The Bronx/Manhattan (96th Street & North) – Gale Jennings O’Bryne gayle.jenning@jpmorgan.com; Brooklyn/Staten Island – Seth Edwards seth.edwards@chase.com , & for Queens/Long Island – Vinford Mentar vinford.mentar@chase.com Applications require internet access & can be made in the following areas: Community development – addressing issues related to poverty & social exclusion by building economic infrastructure, promoting self-sufficiency, and supporting efforts to narrow social inequities; Education – ensuring that all children, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, have access to high quality educational opportunities with a particular focus on K-12 public schools that help them acquire the knowledge and skills needed to be productive, engaged citizens; and Arts & Culture – increasing community access to rich cultural resources that foster creativity, promote self-expression, celebrate diversity, & strengthen our environment.

KRESGE FOUNDATION http://www.kresge.org/ 248-643-9630/Fax-0588 Gave grants of nearly $205M in 2008 primarily in matching funds for capital projects in health, the environment, arts & culture, human services & community development. New Green Building Initiative provides planning grants to advance environmental sustainability, & new & evolving Health & Environmental Programs go way beyond the traditional Kresge challenge grants. Relief Loan Fund (following) for Human Service Agencies responding to the Effects of the Economic Crisis, & newly implemented Caring Community Grants.

Bridge Loans, KRESGE FOUNDATION www.kresge.org/index.php/what/community_relief_fund/ Interest free, 24-36 month loans to $500K for program-related investments to high-performance human service organizations providing food, shelter, & other emergency services including homeless & domestic-violence shelters, safety-net providers, affordable housing & supportive services, legal aid services, emergency assistance providers, & multi-service health and human service organizations are encouraged to apply.

Environmental Medicine Internship for Minority Students, MOUNT SINAI SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Send written request for information to Olivia.ramirez@mssm.edu or Fax 212-996-0407, ATTN: Olivia Ramirez Ten-week training program including $1700/month plus funds for materials, for students enrolled in a Bachelor’s or master’s program in the sciences, public health or science writing. Interns will be paired with a faculty mentor and will complete a research project in environmental medicine or public health.

MICHAEL & SUSAN DELL FOUNDATION Fax 512-347-1744 www.msdf.org/Grants/Grant_Application/default.aspx Grants to support/initiate programs that directly serve the needs of children living in urban poverty in 5 essential focus areas: education, health, safety, youth development, & early childhood care. Dell Scholarship Program applications can be submitted November 1-January 15.

Until March 31, 2014 – Office of Temporary & Disability Assistance, Bureau of Refugee & Immigrant Assistance (BRIA), NY STATE OFFICE OF TEMPORARY & DISABILITY ASSISTANCE (OTDA) Thomas Keenan 518-402-3022 or thomas.keenan@otda.state.ny.us For NYC health care providers to administer initial refugee medical screening & immunization services to newly arriving refugees & other eligible populations at a per capita medical screening rate of $346.39 for two office visits. Applicants must demonstrate appropriate clinical & staffing capacity as well as linkage to refugee resettlement agencies & ancillary care. Applicants must also meet the requirements of NYC Executive Order 120, a citywide policy on language access to ensure the effective delivery of city services to individuals that may have limited-English proficiency.

Letters of Inquiry – Education, Community & Medicine/Health Grants – RGK FOUNDATION www.rgkfoundation.org/public/guidelines#programs 512-474-9298/ Fax -7281 Gave nearly $9M nationally in 2008 in grants averaging $25K to nonprofits providing services in the areas of Community, Education & Medicine/Health, more specifically for children & family services, early childhood development, parenting education, after-school educational enrichment programs, promotion of the health & well-being of children, & programs that promote access to health services. Few grants to NYC!

Health Impact Project, ROBERT WOOD JOHNSON & PEW CHARITABLE TRUSTS www.rwjf.org/applications/solicited/cfp.jsp?ID=20921 202-540-6012 Up to 15 grants to $150K (over 24 months) to encourage the use of Health Impact Assessment (HIA) to help decision-makers better assess proposed policies, projects, & programs with respect to their impact on health so that they may avoid adverse health consequences & costs and improve health. *

ROBIN HOOD FOUNDATION www.robinhood.org/index.cfm 212-227-6601 Grants to $200K for general/operating support, program development & seed money as well as technical assistance to organizations serving very low income NYC residents in Early Childhood & Youth, Education, Jobs & Economic Security, & Survival.

SELF DEVELOPMENT OF PEOPLE www.pcusa.org/sdop 888-728-7228 X5782/Fax (502) 569-8963 Small committee of Presbyterian Church (though grantees need have no religious affiliation) providing grants internationally to grassroots groups run by the people who benefit from their organizations’ work, addressing the impact & structure of historic patterns of oppression, marginalization, racism, & poverty.

Mix It Up Grants – SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER www.tolerance.org/teens/grants.jsp $500 grants for youth ages (13 & older) who serve as decision-makers in a project focusing on identifying, crossing & challenging social boundaries in schools & communities.

Shared Planet Youth Action Grants, STARBUCKS FOUNDATION www.starbucksfoundation.com/index.cfm?objectid=525D51E7-1D09-317F-BBF9A860BE884D22 Grants to $25K for organizations that provide young people (6 to 24) with a continuum of service opportunities in social entrepreneurship. *

UNION SQUARE AWARDS – www.unionsquareawards.org/v2/home.asp Grants to $30K for grassroots organizations in NYC. In spring awards for Arts Organizations working with youth & families in low-income communities in ongoing, innovative, & creative ways, & in the fall for organizations working in the areas of homelessness & hunger; HIV/AIDS prevention, education and treatment; youth leadership & organizing; family & community development; economic self-sufficiency and conflict resolution.

UNITED HEALTHCARE CHILDREN’S FOUNDATION http://www.uhccf.org/pdfs/UHCCF_General_Brochure2008.pdf Grants to $5K to help pay for children’s health care services such as speech & physical therapy, occupational therapy sessions, prescriptions, & medical equipment such as wheelchairs, orthotics, & eyeglasses. Families of children 16 & younger must meet economic guidelines, reside in the US, & be covered by a commercial health benefit plan.

Helping Outreach Programs to Expand Hope (HOPE) Grants, US OFFICE FOR VICTIMS OF CRIME www.ojp.gov/ovc/fund/expandingoutreach/welcome.html 202-307-5983/F 202-514-6383 Grants of $5K for grassroots community/faith-based victim service organizations/ coalitions to improve outreach/ services through support of program development, networking, coalition building, development of program literature, training advocates; newsletters, victim outreach efforts, & recruiting volunteers.

Community Needs, WACHOVIA FOUNDATION Deborah Smith 212-214-4390 https://www.wachovia.com/foundation/v/index.jsp?vgnextoid=93b85ef43a0aa110VgnVCM1000004b0d1872RCRD&vgnextfmt=default Grants to support organizations working to improve communities with low-to moderate-income with the priorities of improving education,

Charitable Giving Grants, WALGREENS
http://diversity.walgreens.com/ourcommunity/corporate_giving.html Grants available to organizations that focus on improving community access to health & wellness, civic & community outreach, & mentoring initiatives. Health is the major area of focus and will receive the largest share of the budget.

* Source found through Foundation Center Website www.fndcenter.org // “HIV/AIDS Grant Opportunities” from the NYS Department of Health AIDS Institute provides FREE research/statewide listings as well as email updates. Contact Dr. Kathryn Henningson 518-473-230/ Fax 518-486-6888/ kah15@health.state.ny.us


    Many legit small business grants are available, but are not heavily promoted. Check with your city, county, and state government. Also, check with local foundations and corporations that are headquartered nearby. Another great resource for legit opportunities is http://www.BusinessGrants.org and http://www.grants.gov

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